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I hate my father-in-law. May sound extreme but I promise I have my reasons. Married my husband 22 years ago, and I’ve hated his father ever since I met him, before we married. He’s an extremely disgusting, thick skinned, money faced barbarian.


I met my hubby when I was around 20 years old, we hit it off immediately and soon after we dated. Once, I went to his house for dinner.

Just nice his father was there too, the moment he saw me, he started shouting so loudly until the whole HDB block can hear him. “Wah bring home girl ah? Why never tell me before? You never see me as father isit?” My hubby was so embarrassed.

I tried to be civil in the beginning but obviously it didn’t work out, so my relationship with my FIL has always been quite strained and bad.

When I started to learn more about his family, hubby told me (and I also saw with my own 2 eyes) that FIL always takes money from him, and not like $2 or $5 for lunch etc, more of $100-200 a week which he manages to spend it all on god knows what.


Can you imagine spending $800 in 1 month?? Singapore is an expensive country, but not so jia lat one right?? Somemore this was back in the 1900s so prices weren’t as bad as they were today.

MIL also stopped working when hubby got a job, so household expenses were all paid for by him. Safe to note that FIL never worked a day in his life.

Recently, my MIL passed away. FIL demanded to stay with us with the reasoning that their old house is too big for him 1 person to stay. I know although my husband may not say it out loud but he cares for his father to some extent. But ever since FIL moved in with us, my life has been a living hell.

I have one daughter that FIL supposedly dotes on, which is a lie. He talks very big but always no action. Just to show how atrocious he is, when my girl celebrated full month, he didn’t even show up. For her birthdays thereafter, he still never show up. Honestly if he never live with us now, my girl probably won’t know what her grandfather looks like.

Not say I value money a lot, but for CNY, he only give angpao if he’s happy. If he’s not happy, no angpao. I don’t know where he find the balls to come and brag to me & my hubby saying that “天下只有我最疼我的孙女”


Please lah, if you really love your granddaughter, at least show up in her life right?? What’s the point of saying all these things when you don’t do anything to show her your “love” also??

Now that he’s living with us, the toilet he uses smells like dirty public toilet. I have to constantly keep the door closed so that the smell don’t go into my living and dining room. He always doesn’t flush after he pees or poops and doesn’t wash away dirty things that he spits in the basin or on the toilet floor.

I reminded him everyday when he first started living with us but now I give up already, I left the toilet to rot. No way he expects me to clean and scrub the toilet everyday after work to clean up his rubbish.

His room is also as bad. He brings food in even though I have always told him it is ok to eat in the living room, and leaves the wrappers there as if I’m a maid to wait on him.

The cups that he uses also don’t bring out to wash, just put down there and expect people to clean for him. His dirty tissues, I assume from digging nose or whatever, throw all over the floor like nobody’s business. I’ve also left it like it is after repeatedly telling him and reminding him, but no use. He doesn’t change.

My daughter has started telling me that she doesn’t want him around too. I didn’t see it myself but apparently he asked her for money for lunch. She felt paiseh to tell him that she only have 1 $10 note but still gave it to him.

Best thing is he went downstairs to tapao lunch, when he came back, he used finish the $10 and didn’t even bother buying lunch for her. Can you believe how pathetic that is? You take your granddaughter’s money and don’t even bother taking care of her also, what kind of grandparent are you?

As a cherry on top, my hubby now gives him about $1200 every month without him doing anything or contributing to any household expenses. The only thing he does is bring trouble to my life.

On top of this $1200, he asks my hubby for more money using horrible excuses like losing wallet or kena scam. Hubby gives him money out of pity I guess. I’ve tried talking to hubby and FIL but everytime FIL just shouts at the 2 of us and even though we scold him back (which is probably not filial), he still doesn’t change and doesn’t plan on doing so. My house used to be so peaceful and happy but now with him living here, it’s really like hell.

I don’t think anything will change anytime soon, just wanted a place to rant.

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