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A family entered the car park lift before me, my helper & my little boy. At the point of time, I was on the line while entering the lift (I know this should not be an excuse) and as I got in the lift and turnaround.. I saw that my helper who was carrying my little boy have yet to fully get in the lift and the lift door was about to closed. I wished I have reacted more promptly to reach out to the ‘open button’ but I wasn’t swift enough with my actions.. And I dreadfully witnessed how unhelpful the other family’s father was as he press onto the ‘close button’ instead of the ‘open button’ right infront of my eyes and yes.. my helper and my little boy have yet to fully get in the lift while the lift door closed. (oh maybe he didn’t see my helper and kids entering?) But luckily, they managed to get in the lift in the nick of time without getting hurt in anyways. My helper then turned to me as I looked to her with worried eyes (she knew my concern straight away) and confide to me saying that “Didi is okay”. Phew, feeling relief!

I remained silent but can’t help to not slight glanced over to the family (my back was facing them) esp that father of the family.

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The lift opened at level 2, (time for that family to get out) we then make way for them to exit the lift.. while they’re making their way out of the lift, the mother of that family commented “SIAO” out of no where and I was still then helping them by holding on to the ‘open button’ . For a moment, I questioned myself – What’s that comment for? And I replied “SIAO 什么”?

To my surprise and what shocked me most was the father of that family, he turned himself around and started to scold me out of the blue and he even challenged me to get out of the lift to talk things out? But, what was that to talk? And, I beg your pardon I was still holding to the ‘open button’ your family got out of the lift? What’s there to challenge and talk about? I replied by saying 为什么我要出来? (Why do I have to come out of the lift?) He then continued to raise his voice and say ‘出来讲啦、你diao什么diao?!’ (come out and talk Ia , stare what stare? *ahbeng vibes unleash*) I kept my frustration and anger to peace by replying to him for the 2nd time ‘怎么早、孩子在要吵什么??’ (It’s early morning, we’re all with kids and what’s the need/ issue for us to quarrel over?)

For god sake that this does not even calm the father of the family down instead he flared up like nobody business and challenge me for the 3rd time to come out of the lift and talk things out. As much as I wanted to remain silence and peace, I just couldn’t stand him anymore, hence I got of the lift with my helper and little boy.

Me : What happened that you need to challenge me to get out of the lift to talk and why did your wife need to comment ‘SIAO’ while exiting the lift?

Father: 我有安hor! 我有安hor! 你问你的maid! 你要不要check CCTV?!?! You ask your maid lor?’ (He claimed that he did help to hold ‘open button’ of the lift to let my helper and little boy get in the lift)

My Helper: I never get to see because I was behind

Father: * Kept quiet *

Me: My helper & my little boy came in after me, how would she know if the next moment while she’s entering the lift the door was about to close? Why you need to say 你有安? But instead, I saw you holding on to the ‘close button’ with my eyes and I didn’t not even utter or be bother to argue with you

(As long as both my helper and little boy is safe without getting hurt.)

Wife: 你进来就用电话.. 你要人家跟你安啊? (You walk in the lift while you are on the line, so you expect others to hold the lift for you?)

Me: Aunty, it’s courtesy, no matter whoever enter the lift and what they’re doing we just have to play a part to hold on the ‘open button’ to prevent mishap from happening right? (Wondering if she’s telling me or teaching his son in future if there is others who’s entering the lift no matter who, what they’re doing at the point of time eg. on the line, holding groceries, carrying baby we just have to accept that the door will close anytime cos we shouldn’t have to expect others to hold on the lift door for us? Indeed, some good parenting skills and tactics they have 👏🏻)

😱😱 The father of the family then opened his eyes widely, raised his arm & started pointing at me and spurt out hell lotsa of “English & Hokkien idioms”
‘ Fcuk You, You can check the CCTV lah!! C*B K*N L* etc … !!

Me: Why do you need to scold me vulgarities? And then I took out my phone and called my husband. ‘Dear dear ah, can you come up to car park level 2′. I’m in the midst of a uncalled for war.. and I hang up the call.

The father of the family continued to look over at me fiercely & I said: I didn’t and it wasn’t my intention to start the fight. It was you who challenged me numerous time even when I rejected you. And now you still have to cheek to shout at me so loudly with all your c*b, knn etc.. I can choose to scold you back but I didn’t.. I just want to send my son to school!

(because at this point of time what is more important to me is my boy’s safety and I need to send my son to school)

The father continue to rant and flare his anger.. Suddenly he turned around & walked towards his car.
Trust me, I have managed to kept my anger and peace but I was almost at my verge and about to lose it. I repeated myself again In the first place, I already told you I don’t wish get involved in a uncalled for dispute early in the morning! This family constantly challenged me to get out of the lift and started screaming and shouting all your vulgarities at me.

Father: *He then was standing at the door of the driver sit and continued his scoldings…*

Finally, and yes finally he drove off … but to my horror that’s not the end yet…. he then press on his car horn at us for so long & the sound of his horn was so loud!! Over? Not quite, the mother of the family pointed her precious “middle” finger at us from her passenger seat!!!

When my husband reached carpark… I broke down and let my tears out.. he asked me what happened? I’m way too upset to even my voice out my sadness and explained to him in details what exactly happened earlier on. In the end, we walked up to where our car was parked at and drove out of the car park.

I’m sharing this to express my concern for that family’ son.. I saw your eyes while looking over at how your father and mother are picking a uncalled for arguement with vulgarities. And all that you can do is look upon them aimlessly while they carry on with their wrong doings. I hope you will learn the way of being tough is not by eyeing to your parent’s behavior but by being a real gentlemen, a future father of your own child.

All the best 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Ps. I feel so embarrassing to involve public arguement with that family .. 😫😫😫

Source: https://www.facebook.com/chloechennn/posts/10154837447543741

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