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Fight With Umbrella Woman At Jurong Workshop(video)

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umbrellawoman_mainThe squabble happened at ‘Fix It Auto’, an auto workshop along Soon Lee Street in Jurong.It is vague what heightened the contradiction, yet the person that took the pictures said that the battle was because of a parking issue, and that somebody’s car┬áhad been blocked.

The gatherings included can be heard heaving Hokkien vulgarities at each other.

In the two-minute clasp, a man wearing a dim shirt can be seen pushing another man, who seems, by all accounts, to be a workman at the workshop, to the floor.

Disappointed, the workman then gets to his feet and keeps snatching the other man, who seems as though he is attempting to stroll into the workshop’s office.


The battle then erupts once more, with blows and kicks traded, Shin Min Daily News reported.

Now, a since a long time ago haired lady likewise gets included. She swings a white umbrella that she is conveying at the workman, and later is likewise seen kicking him.

The whole occurrence was caught on video by shut circuit TV (CCTV) cameras at the workshop.

The video was grabbed by Malaysian online networking channels, who shared it on Facebook where it has been seen over a million times.

A Mandarin inscription going with the video argued for Singaporeans not to spook Malaysian laborers.


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