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Foreign Talent STOLE SUPERMARKET BASKET, Talk big when asked to return it

supermarket-trolley-giant-take-home-foreigner_0On the 24th Of Sept, I was crossing the zebra crossing in front of Blk 292, Yishun St 22, when I saw a man pulling a Giant Supermarket basket-on-wheels (Giant Supermarket;’s logo was on it) across the same road. When we reached across the road, I told him as a matter-of-fact that the trolley belongs to Giant, at Blk 291.


He retorted, “So what ? Why you so kay-poh ??”.

I told him that by using it as a personal trolley, he is depriving other shoppers of the convinience of using the basket as it is meant to be used in the supermarket.

He shouted at me, “My maid will return it ok ?!! You are a kay-poh and a loser, that is why you must question me !! Anyway, the supermarket don’t mind.

I again told him that the basket-on-wheels was meant for use in the supermarlet, and if he wanted to, he could have brought his own trolley to pull all the way to his house. I tried to tell him that what he was doing was very inconsiderate.


Again he shouted at me along the same lines … that I was being a kay-poh, a loser, etc.

Since he had a foreign, non-Singaporean accent, I asked him whether he is a Singaporean or a foreigner. He paused and did not reply. I suggested a few countries and asked if he was from any one of them. My intention was to tell him that in Singapore, he had to follow our way of life … However, he started shouting at me that I was being a racist. Huh ?? How is that being a racist ?? He shouted that by asking which country he was from, I am being a racist. Huh ???

I took pictures of him all the way to the block he was living in (Blk 275 Yishun). All the while he kept on shouting that I was stalking him and that I am a loser and that I am a racist, etc, etc.

This may seem like a small matter, but to me it is not. Every little inconsiderate act adds up to the whole … and together, it makes a WHOLE LOT of inconsiderate acts. While Singaporeans have to take the lead (because it is our country), the new citizens, PRs and those here on work pass / employment pass as well as visitors must also do their part. Sadly, when new citizens, PRs and those on work / employment pass misbehave, things are always pointed at Singaporeans-at-large.

My take is this – whenever you see an inconsiderate act like this, tell the person off. If the person feels sorry about it let it go. But if the person continues to behave obnoxiously, then highlight this in the alternative media, so that we can pressure such people into adopting a more considerate behavior.


Submitted By Angry Netizen

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