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My ex boss was the worst. He hated everyone in our team and me and my colleagues hated him as well. He hated me the most because I refused to do any work outside of work hours. My colleagues give in to his tyranny and do work whenever he asks but I refused to do it. So I was the first in his firing line. And just like I predicted, he fired me based on some bullshit reasons. This happened over a year ago.


About 6 months ago, they had a company party but the party was at a resort kind of thing so anyone could walk in. My previous colleagues invited me because I was also involved in that project before I was fired. And a lot of people were going to be there so no one would be focused on my presence. So I went there and that’s where I met my boss’ wife Lucy (not her real name). She was very sweet and she and I hit it off even though she was in her late thirties and I am only 25. Towards the end, I asked her how she ended up here and she told me. I was surprised that this a-hole got such a pretty, sweet wife. We talked about reading and books and so she invited me to her book club. I never told her that I worked under her husband.

At first i joined the book club because I like books as well and I just wanted to see if there were other cute girls there (lol). But then me and Lucy hit it off. We then started seeing each other as friends and then pretty soon she was telling me everything about her life. She was emotional with me and trusted me. Turns out her husband is an a-hole to her as well and she would tell me about her marriage troubles.

I was feeling attraction towards her because she was very pretty and we started connecting emotionally as well. I then realised that I could get two birds with one stone. I started flirting over the phone with her and making jokes and innuendoes. At first she was hesitant and then she started flirting back with me. And then I decided to escalate. So about a month ago I invited her to have a “friendly” dinner. We had a nice dinner and then went to have drinks at a bar nearby. I put my moves on her and flirted hard. She was tipsy and she started flirting with me as well. After a few drinks I invited her to my place to have some wine. She said yes. At that point I’m sure she knew what was going to happen.

We went back to my place and then after a glass of wine I kissed her. She kissed me back and then we had the most amazing night of passion. She told me the next day that it was a mistake and to never talk about it again. But then the next week she was in my bed again. I’m pretty sure it’s because she was having terrible s- with her husband and I was an unselfish lover. She was so surprised when I went down on her and told me that has never happened before. So I guess she likes sleeping with me. And so now she is having a full on affair with me. I regularly screw her and send her home to my ex boss.


I don’t regret screwing over my ex boss but I do regret using her like this. She’s a really sweet person and she doesn’t deserve this. Feels good to finally get this off my chest.

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