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I graduated in 2021 and 5months into my first job, l was informed that i did not pass probation. Lack of initiatives and making repeated mistakes were the main reasons why i was let go. Instead of citing that i failed probation, my manager allowed me to tender resignation so it doesn’t look like i was let go due to incompetency (I am not sure if this helps for future job applications). I was really demoralised and i felt so incompetent as the job itself wasn’t difficult since it was mainly adminstrative duties. I questioned my capabilities and if I’m suitable for any corporate jobs out there. So for the past year, I struggled with getting a permenant role and I don’t feel “ready” to start a full time role so I have been doing short term contract in different industries. What I did was mass apply and accepting any offer that comes first.


As I am reflecting on my job history, I realised that i have learned nothing for the past 2 years. I don’t like my current job and my contract is ending in may, I am thinking of applying back to my first job industry.

Can anyone advise me on my career path and are there any chances of me getting a second chance in the industry that i failed probation in? Does the HR knows that i failed probation or it would be seen as a resignation from their side?

Also, how can i be a more responsible and professional employee?

TIA for all the career advice!


Here are what netizens think:

  • Given that you were dismissed prior to the 6 months mark, I think the manager is likely being honest with you since the company is already entitled to dismiss you. Therefore, if your HR system records the departure as resignation, it should be fine. But of course, HR may be a bit sceptical of candidates who leave at exactly the 5 months mark, suspecting the truth. Maybe not though
  • HR of the interviewing company may contact all your past employers/HR dept listed in your resume to ask about your performance. If you don’t want HR to contact the 1st company, just don’t list it in your resume.
  • google the 64 interview answers, understand the answers to see how hirers think. it is not rocket science. study for the exam like how NUS trained you.
  • The Hr would probably question why you have never stayed long on a job. Regardless of industry, I think you should really think about the feedbacks you were given and how you could have done better. Take ownership in what you do and think about the consequences of your actions? It may be common sense, but whatever you do may affect someone else’s work. Just try your best to not impose on others.
  • You concerns now is probably not the probation but the past 2 years of short term contract job. Nonetheless can still try to find a job you would like to have, keep trying but prepare to answer why during interview.
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