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Friday, March 31, 2023

Gay Couple Kissing In MRT. Homophobic Mother Complains!


Dear Singapore Uncensored,


This is what I saw this Sunday on my MRT ride back home. Two men openly kissing on the train. Everyone was looking at them. I was kind enough to take the pic without a direct shot of the boy’s face.

I respect everyone’s rights, but this is Simply Disgusting in a public space.

What if my children saw this and asked “Mummy, why are the two men kissing?”

Would I have to answer “It’s the same as normal love and marriage. The only difference is that one man opens his buttocks for the other man to put his private part inside but in the end, no babies come out. They only get AIDS”?!


Is this another publicity stunt by the gay community?

Most people in SG already know they exist but would prefer that they just go back inside the closet and stop seeking attention.

Most people in SG already know they exist but would prefer that they just go back inside the closet and stop seeking attention.

Recently, Minister Chan Chun Sing bravely spoke out against public displays of homosexuality in Singapore. These were his words “I’m not going to discriminate … (You’re free to do) whatever you do behind your bedroom doors … It’s not my problem. I’m not a sex policeman … But if you tell everyone to champion pro-LGBT or anti-LGBT (causes), it (might) cause social divisions, so (I have to step in) to be the policeman in the middle.” (source: http://m.todayonline.com/singapore/chan-chun-sing-urges-youth-go-beyond-…)

It seems that we really need sex policemen like Mr Chan and stricter laws to keep the urges of the gay community in check. The gay minority can do whatever they want in their bedroom but they should not be going around promoting the gay lifestyle and demanding for gay marriage. They can be gay but we have our right not to accept their behaviour in public. A vast majority of Singaporeans do not approve of gay marriage and are unlikely to change our minds anytime soon. Singapore should not degenerate into a free-for-all where gay men can brazenly go around wrecking young boys’ buttocks in the name of love, without fearing the consequences of their actions.


Homosexuals should be thankful that they have their annual Pink Dot. We as the moral majority have already given them enough public space. What more do they want? Gay sex parties? Gay parades? To be able to teach kids about gay sex? Some of them are not contented with Pink Dot and intimacy in private. Instead, they want to flaunt their gayness in public and ‘confront’ normal heterosexual couples until they accept them as normal and see them as equally ‘married’. No, homosexual relationships are not normal and therefore will be never be equal to a real marriage between a man and a woman. We have to draw the line at some point. For many of us, life is not just about fulfilling sexual fetishes that are falsely attributed to genetics.

Submitted By: melinda

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