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Geylang Ah Beng Challenged Police “Lai La Shoot Me”

100 geylang passerby gathered in a crowd to witness the events of a 52 year old man trying be a hero.



The 52 year old man told the police that was on the scene ” lai la shoot me” he challenged.

Who is this guy?

His name is Ho Wee Kee, he was part of the 100 man crowd that wanted to speak up and challenge Singapore’s police. The 52 year old was charged in court and jailed for 8 months. The charges are as follows

  • Disorderly Behaviour
  • Causing Hurt

How did it started?

on 24th of July 2015, at 9.45pm. Five police from Geylang Police Centre was on duty to patrol against vice activities. The policeman saw an 18 year old young man standing there and promoting passerby to join the gambling table. The location was between Lorong 14 – 16. (Related Post: Singapore Gangsters)

The 18 year old suspect was arrested after trying to resist and retaliate against the five police man.

 During the arrest, about 100 people started to gather and witness the scene. The crowd was angry and wanted to police officers to let the teen go. The situation started to get tense.

 Gangster Behaviour Lai liao

The 100 geylang people started to get closer to the policemen, while shouting profanities and gangster gestures. One of them flipped the gambling table and took a metal part from the table and started swinging it around to catch notice of the Police.

The officers was pushed to a corner, the sergeant that was in the team had to pull out his gun and point and the aggressive crowd. He did not place his finger on the trigger but the laser of the weapon was on. Hoping to prompt the crowd to disperse.


Its been a year… why still got gambling den  at Geylang since this event….

(Related Post: Singapore Gangsters)



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