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Ng Chuan Seng, the owner of a popular karaoke lounge in Singapore, found himself at the center of a criminal scandal that involved bribing a police officer, according to Channel NewsAsia.


He was sentenced on 4 September to 5 weeks imprisonment for the offence and fined $1,500 for failing to maintain the records of his KTV workers, another charge was also considered during his sentencing.

This incident unfolded when Ng allegedly assisted his associates in arranging a meeting with a police officer and providing an empty red packet, which was later filled with S$2,000 in cash.

The motive behind this was to “settle” a police investigation into a brawl between two rival gangs, in which Ng’s associates were entangled.

The Background Story

Ng Chuan Seng, a 52-year-old entrepreneur, had been running a KTV pub registered as B1 Entertainment, located at 149 Geylang Road. The establishment was marketed under the names “Kiss KTV” and “Pegasus.”


Ng’s involvement in this crime revolved around his acquaintance with a station inspector named Poo Tze Chiang, who served in the Secret Societies Branch of the Singapore Police Force.

Poo had previously supervised Ng during his time in prison, and their paths crossed again in 2018 when Poo became a regular patron at Ng’s pub.

The pivotal moment came in September 2019 when one of Ng’s associates confided in him about his participation in a gang altercation.

Fearing potential legal consequences, the associate turned to Ng for help in resolving the impending police investigation.

Aware of Poo’s role as a police officer, the associate hoped that he could influence the investigation’s outcome.


The Bribery Plot

Ng took it upon himself to assist his troubled associates and arranged a meeting between them and Poo at his KTV pub.

Before the meeting, the associates sought Ng’s advice on whether they should offer a red packet to Poo as a token of appreciation for his assistance.

Ng’s response was ambiguous, suggesting that the decision was ultimately up to them, but he proposed a figure ranging from S$1,000 to S$2,000 as a suitable amount.

Following this discussion, Ng handed an empty red packet to one of the associates, who later filled it with S$2,000 in cash. This concealed bribe was then presented to Poo, who accepted it.

Legal Consequences

The consequences of these actions were not limited to the immediate aftermath of the bribery incident. In a separate turn of events, police officers from the compliance management unit conducted an inspection of Ng’s pub on June 14, 2022.

During the inspection, it was discovered that the staff register failed to contain the personal details of seven employees, including a floor manager, a pub manager, a PR manager, a musician, and a waitress.

This failure to maintain proper records violated the conditions of Ng’s public entertainment license.

In light of these legal infractions, Ng faced charges related to both bribery and the violation of his entertainment license. Ultimately, he pleaded guilty to one count of abetting bribery and another count of failing to maintain employee records. A third charge was taken into consideration during the legal proceedings.

On September 4th, 2023, Ng Chuan Seng was sentenced to five weeks in jail for his involvement in the bribery case. Additionally, he received a fine of S$1,500 for the failure to maintain records of some KTV employees.

While the prosecution had sought a sentence of five to seven weeks in jail and a fine ranging from S$1,500 to S$2,000, Ng’s early guilty plea was considered a mitigating factor.


Poo on the other hand, was charged and his case was referred to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB), and he was removed from his duties on the frontlines, his trial has been set for November later this year.

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