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Friday, October 7, 2022


I celebrated my birthday with my boyfriend last week, and to be honest it was a really lovely celebration. He bought me a purse of my favourite brand and I really love the design, although I didn’t give him any hint or show him that my purse is no longer in good condition.


Also, he treated me to a fancy hotel buffet dinner and we spent one romantic night together in that hotel too. Everything went pretty well, and I felt so grateful to have such a lovely boyfriend until yesterday I went into rage mode.

It pissed me off to the point that I really considered breaking up with him and unfriending my bestie.

I found out that one night during the CB period, he actually went over to my female bestie’s room. Let’s call her A.

This is pretty much our dialogue when I confronted him:

Me: Why did you go over to A’s room?


Bf: I went there just to get more information from her so that I know what to get you for your birthday.

Me: Ok but why did you go at night? Why not during the day? (yes I know, S doesn’t happen only at night).

Bf: It’s risky to go over to her room during the day cos the residential staff were working, and I can only go over when you’re asleep, if not I wouldn’t be able to talk or text you if I was at her place during the day.

Me: Why can’t you just text her? Why must you go over to her place to talk? Why can’t talk over the phone?

Bf: Stunned for a few seconds …… bcos it’s difficult to talk over the phone and it’s better if she can show me what you like on the spot.


Me: There is such a thing called the internet, and she can clearly send you the link to show you right?

Bf: Ya I know, but there will be a lot of communication interruption if we don’t meet face to face and talk about it.

Me: So how long did you need to discuss about my birthday pressie?

Bf: I’m not sure, but not that long la, about 1-2 hours.

Me: So you went to A’s place after our goodnight text for just 1-2 hours?

Bf: Ya.

Me: Can you explain to me why your Grab receipt stated that your ride back home was at 10:30 am? That’s like more than 1-2 hours.

Bf: I mean ya it was a short discussion, but we also got to eat some food, she cooked for me, and since it was too late and I was tired, so she said why not just stayover for another few more hours and go home in the morning instead.

Me: But why did you tell me that you were only there for 1-2 hours in the first place? You didn’t tell me that you slept at her place!

Bf: I thought you were asking me how long we took to discuss your pressie, not how long I was there.


Speaking of the Grab receipt, I have a habit of recording my expenses, so I just wanted to record down our cab fares, so he let me open his email to check our Grab receipts, and just so coincident I found out that this trip doesn’t look familiar to me.

I highly doubted that nothing happened between him and A. My bestie A is single and she does ONS and has fwb every now and then. As a bestie, I also shared with her my S life with my boyfriend and how good his ability is compared to my exes and how many rounds he can deliver in a single night.

A was quite surprised and she seemed to admire me at some point. Since both of them have high drive, don’t you think they might have S that night?

Please drop some helpful comments and advice. I really need to know if I should break up with him.

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