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For context, I am saving up to buy a home in the next year or so and get married to my GF.


Initially, we were going to get a place together but held off as she was not ready for that step. We have been dating for a year and four months.

My girlfriend is staying on her own as she moved away from her parents for personal reasons. I have been staying in a small flat and I am in the midst of renting it out for some extra income.

For the time being and to save money since we did not get a place together, I decided to stay at home with my parents. I suggested that for the time being until her rental lease expires next year that she use my stuff and wait to buy new furniture until we moved in together.

This was initially fine but now she wants nothing to do with my furniture.


She said: “It’s ugly and I don’t want it in our new place“.

I am willing to accommodate a style that is both hers and mine as my old flat definitely has “bachelor” vibes.

So while I am okay with getting new furniture I don’t agree with buying all this stuff before we even know what the new place we are going to move into looks like let alone shell out a bunch of cash for stuff that only she approves as acceptable furniture.

I think waiting is the smart decision but with black deals going around and the couch she specifically wants heavily discounted this has been brought up again and is causing turmoil in our relationship.

She has been spending money on a lot of new furniture and it is affecting her share of the monthly savings as she bought most of it on credit card instalments.


Here are what netizens think:

  • Take your furniture back and put it storage. If she wants to spend her money that’s her choice. Don’t contribute to her purchases. The fact that she got an apt rather than live with you, isn’t a good sign. If you’re buying a house solely in your name, it’s for the best that you don’t make any joint purchases on furniture. If the relationship fails, than it’s less hassle when she moves out.
  • If she wants new furniture that’s fine, but make sure she realizes that when y’all live together you do not agree to her having sole say over the decor. How she reacts is important.
  • Some people prefer to enjoy now and suffer later. You might have to think twice before marrying her.
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