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My bf is clearly not over his ex – what should I do.


I have been together with my bf for almost 2 years now and I don’t know if he truly loves me or just being together with me because I’m submissive and always puts him first.

At the start of the rs when I went to his house when he was still staying alone, I realized that there’s a family photo with his first love in it on his computer table. I kept quiet till few weeks into the rs when he suddenly compared me to his first ex infront his friends when we were drinking. That’s when I voiced out how uncomfortable I was with the picture at his house and with being compared. He removed it.

He follows her and her sis on Instagram, and likes almost every photo of hers. I told him I was uncomfortable with it but he carried on with it. Fast forward to last year, I realized that the both of them still wish each other happy new year and birthday. I confronted him on it.

We had a big argument and he almost broke up with me because I asked him to unfollow and not reply his ex. He told me “I cannot don’t reply someone when I’m in good terms with them but I can don’t text her happy birthday”. In the end we compromised with not having him unfollow her but just not like her photos, and if she texted him, he could let me know.


He did what he promised but I still found him liking her sister’s photos with his ex in it. What should I do?

Here are what netizens think:

  • Move on girl. Life is short. Why make yourself miserable? When you reaches your mid 30s you will start to qn urself why you so stupid, dun give other guys a chance. Dun miss all the wonders waiting for you in the forest for a button mushroom.
  • This is a toxic relationship. Your bf don’t respect you. Be brave enough to leave someone who don’t loves you wholeheartedly. Please love yourself, find a new hobby and start to spend more time with yourself.Relationship is not all, there’s other things you can achieve in life. Live your life to the fullest and do whatever you wanted to do. Go to a new cafe, go to attend classes or whatever it is.Please. Love. Yourself.
  • How can you expect a man to value you when you do not even value yourself?If a man does that to me. I will not even have second thoughts. I will drop him cause I know I have options. Have some self love darling..You really need it.I always tell this to people..Always put yourself first and your man second. You know why?Self love is more important and it is prerequisite to self respect. If after all the things you have discovered, you still stayed, it means you do not love yourself enough. That is why he does not value you cause you just follow him.I am a dominant person so I gave this advice. Why? You are an individual, not a dog to follow a man.  Being too submissive means you have no individuality and your world revolves around him..That is not good. To have the time to check what he is liking is already low girl. Work on your goals and dreams.
  • It seems like he chose himself over you. You are obviously insecure. You told him about it and he didn’t do much to make you feel better. The big question is why despite it being the bane issue in the current relationship, he still thinks it’s important to keep the friendship with the ex.You can’t change him. You can only change yourself. Either you change your mindset or change bf.
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