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Need career advice. Don’t know should I be pushing myself more or not


23F, diploma holder, at a point in my career where I am comfortable w my job and pay, but don’t know if I should push myself further to earn more money or get a more senior role

I earn around 3.3k in a govt job, great work life balance, stability, colleagues and boss are nice, good benefits, workload is considered good and healthy especially for my line of work (art/media). And for the most part I like the work I do. But since I’m a diploma holder only, I may not be able to get promoted again in this job

I’m generally okay with where I am now career-wise. The pay is comfortable to me for now (I know next time got household expenses) But I just keep feeling like I can’t already have made it in my career life.

I know people online often talk about job hopping to earn more, and a couple of people told me I could consider taking a degree. (My line of work puts more emphasis on portfolio)


I personally am not someone who spends a lot on material stuff. I am careful about what I spend. No plans to have kids ever. No car. Waiting for a non-mature estate BTO. No wedding banquet. No hobbies that require a ton of regular funding to maintain. I invest my savings. Might home-cook in the future to cut down food expenses. I value stability a lot, I’m not someone who likes to make risky moves when it comes to my job. I did work really hard to be able to land into my current job, it just feels as if I cannot already have made it in life at my age.. I know this sounds like I’m flexing, but I’m really not. All this pondering bothers me every day and I feel guilty, like I should be working harder

I really do wonder is it really okay to just stay in my current job long term, learn new stuff on the side when I’m in the mood and enjoy hobbies after work? (Funny to be asking this, like I don’t know how to be human.) I’m aware of needing to remain relevant in my line of work just in case I have to leave this job. I’m very much aware and afraid of lagging behind and becoming obsolete in my career one day

You may be wondering what does success in life look like to me. I think it’s having a home w my spouse and enjoy doing what I like. So, pretty simple and quiet life. I don’t think I necessarily have to 100% stop working (retire) early in life like 45 or 50

Of course I can try job hop or get a degree, but I don’t find it necessary now. I know I shouldn’t compare my life with others who may be more ambitious. But yknow, can’t help but feel like I cannot just take it easy in my career and lag behind others. Am I not pushing myself enough? Or am I doing enough? Idk man, I’m puzzled… Am I overthinking this?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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