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Moving to Lor 6 Geylang as a solo female


Hi! I am moving into a studio walk-up apartment as a solo female. Just want to get some insights if it’s safe to walk at night, what eateries are nice to try, which places to avoid and how to behave around sketchy situations

I looked around the area before deciding to move and just saw a few budget hostels, temples and industrial shops so I would say it’s pretty harmless.

Grew up on a “rough” 3rd world country as well so my definition of “safe” can be quite different from a local Singaporean.

But would still appreciate any advice since I’ll be staying there for a while 🙂


Netizens’ comments

  1. Geylang is surprisingly probably one of the safest places to stay in Singapore
    Because of the constant police presence
    And the heavy human traffic at all hours
  2. Also female answering you. Geylang has quite a lot of police cameras. So overall it’s decently safe so we don’t really experience robberies, rape kind of crime.
    Molestation happens, flashing happens. All these things can happen anywhere in Singapore.
    Lor 6 Geylang has some small hotels, but it’s got a few residential developments.
    The hotels may have some hanky-panky stuff going on. You might meet some really drunk people after 11pm, again drunks can be found in any neighbourhood in singapore. Just stay away from them.
    Our streets are well lit. If something happens call the police – 999 There is a police station nearby about 2-3 mins drive away.
    Food is everywhere in Geylang and you have lots to choose. I do recommend 126 dim sum along sims drive near Lor 17.
    Star banh mi at Geylang road near Lor 29 And the famous Lorong 32 Ban Mian There is also a popular smelly toufu along Geylang road Lor 9 has a famous beef rice noodles, and opposite is is a popular frogs leg porridge.
    See really tons of food!!
  3. Gymed there regularly for 3 years, my office is nearby too. It’s perfectly safe , although it can get rowdy at times due to uncles drinking. But there is heavy police presence there, together with the alcohol ban after 10pm it keeps everything in check.There are sleezy ktvs but they operate behind closed doors and have an incentive not to attract the police.
  4. Vice zones are always the safest due to having extra monitoring cameras around and plain clothed policeman around.. I guess you only have to be prepared for people asking if you’re a prostitute but most often they’re in a right state of mind when you say no .
  5. Geylang native here.
    Its completely safe if its well lit. Dont walk into the shady back alleys because the drunk people will stare at you if you’re attractive.
    Is always busy so other than being stared at, really nothing will happen
  6. Geylang usually known for its food and nightlife
    Sometimes you may find quite a few drunk people but they usually won’t bother you, maybe stare stare awhile lor
    Theres quite a bit of police prescence in geylang, since there was quite a bit of crime there in the past (the prositiution type mostly not the violent type)
    I will say if you hate durian you will not live through durian season there since a lot of shops will sell durian
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