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I (20F) decided to try get a job as a waitress for the holidays, I had a selection of places but one high end restaurant I went to had a really nice bar on the side that needed staff and was also very good pay.


I gave in my cv , and got the interview (which went smoothly). I started working there after the following weekend.

After a week or two of working there, there was a night when I had to reserve a table specifically for someone important who turned out to be a co-owner of the establishment. He was a really well-built guy in his 40’s and he came with a group of men similar to his age in suits.

The other older staff told me that he comes in every other week with his group and spends copious amounts of money on food from the restaurant and bar, and I the new girl of course was in charge of bringing them.

The second I came up to them for there order I noticed the guy staring at me and the rest of the men with him made had few not so subtle looks at me but I kept eye contact with the co owner. It kept on like this the entire night and I’d notice the comments on me being louder every time I’d leave their table.


Towards the end of the night they asked for the bill and before they left the co owner came over to me at the bar and started talking to me as I cleaned up.

He wasn’t super obvious on his intentions at first he was just being nice and we exchanged names and age, he mentioned co-owning the place and I acted surprised as if the other staff hadn’t already told me.

He asked me if I had a boyfriend which I laughed and said no to, he said I was too beautiful to be single which I also laughed off after thanking him. I said my shift was almost over and he asked me to come with him after the shift for drinks which I obviously said yea too.

We went back to his home in his car and we spoke the whole way about his ex-wife and kids so I just was extra nice and listened in , he thanked me after hearing him for a bit by putting a hand on my thigh and grabbing it a little, it didn’t move from there until we got to his.

We got to his home and I got comfy on his sofa and we drank and spoke until my legs were basically on his lap and his hand was between my thighs.


We kept flirting for a while and I asked if I could sleep over at his place because going back at this timing was such a hassle and he said as long as he gets to F my brains out.

I agreed and told him to take me right now, and he did for the next hour until I literally tapped out, it was so good until I shivered when I came.

I kept that job and continued seeing him, and I told my parents that I got a job and I remember not mentioning the name of the place specifically. It never came up in conversation again for a while.

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