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Hi. I met a girl on CMB and started to go out last Dec. I enjoyed the time spent with her. But there are some problems:


1) She is always busy. Apart from work, she gives tuition and attends other lessons. Hence, we can only meet on weekends (like an hr in the morning) or weekdays evening (2-3 hrs). On public holidays, our meetup is also limited by her tuition schedule. Whenever we go out, mostly is to attend lessons (e.g. sports). I would prefer sth that are more interactive and have spoken to her a few times.

2) She wants to let nature takes its course. We have been going out for more than 7 mths. I have confessed to her a few times but her reply is always to let nature takes its courses.

3) She is more emotional than logical. When trying to have serious discussions with her, she would say that I am assuming, accusing her, or I am selfish, inconsiderate, etc. I was just sharing my views and inviting her to express hers. In the end, the conversation always digressed and what I wanted to talk abt originally was not discussed.

I really want to continue on this relationship (?) with her. But I feel that some problems if not solved, will make it challenging in the future. Also I am not sure if she is interested to take this relationship further.


Here are what netizens think:

  • Wtf is “let nature takes its course” ??? Haha stop fooling yourself and find another girl asap!
  • Your last sentence is telling. If you aren’t sure if she’s interested, then the answer is pretty obvious. Just continue to meet people. She’s not that into you.
  • You are being strung along while she is on the lookout for a better deal. Online dating through apps are like this. She is not giving any commitment. And don’t expect any and dont wait for an answer and most importantly, don’t need to force an answer from her. It is obvious she is not into you. Stop contacting her. Date other women in the meantime. She may contact you back, if not it’s even better, off to the next one.
  • U want her time…easy…ask ur mum call her and fixed a time slot with her for tuition…ta-da…..2 hours slot fixed
  • Dear OP, I had a similar experience like you. Just had to accept that the priorities she wants and you want are different.In my case she prioritised everything else except working on the rs.Her friends, work, classes family, you name it.Meeting up is always limited to an hour on weekends and she will jet off elsewhere leaving you stranded of sorts. And it was always a challenge to secure the next date. And the next date could be even a month later.So, I decided not to continue, but I continued with my life meeting others who treasured our time meeting up instead.And no, I never got a closure from her. She did not even try to initiate a meet up again even after months of no messaging and contact. Total silence even until today.I guess we all had to move on somehow…
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