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Sorry to spread the negativity.


I had been with my gf for 1 years. Her ex cheated on her and I think that’s what make her became a sensitive person.

.At the start of rs, she ask me to block on social media whoever f.friend she think is close. To avoid further fight, I did. I thought it will make her feel secure and times proved that I was wrong. The sensitivity grew overtime and it is endless. She even creat a fake f. account to test on my loyalty.

Afterwards she suspect whether I am gay cause she saw my chat only have m.friend. When we fight, she will go text my bro without letting me know and saying that we fight because of I only put attention on my friend. The fact is I spend most of my time on her except from work. (After work we go eat, and weekend hang out)Till now, I am worry to affect my friends so I less to contact with any of them.

She would never stop calling me during my job/meeting until I pick up. Otherwise, she will directly call to my office just to look for me.


There’s a guy she like before us, until now I still can see she is chatting with him and when his birthday she post iG story and mentioned him. (Other ppl she wouldn’t do) When I question her, she just say is just colleague and only talk about job things.

Definitely I want to end this toxic relationship but there’s a lot of things bind me up. She threaten me with death or kill both of us if I break up with her and have a new gf. Last time I introduce her to my family, so she got their contact, address, my contact and company. I cant understand if we both are unfit and no interest on each other why still holding on the rs.

I feel suppressed, and I am not sure how to end all these. In fact, I am afraid that she would pose a threat to anyone around me. I dont really drink, but till this day I just feel I can only get some peace and sleep well after I drink.

I hope the case happened to myself could be a reference for those who read this. And appreciate if someone can give advice.

Here are what netizens think:

  • Toxic. Just break off n leave. Otherwise u will go crazy very soon.
  • It is quite clear she has issues she needs to sort out. Love yourself and protect yourself, and do whatever you need to do. Don’t be held ransom to a toxic relationship
  • Breakup with her over text and try to get her to say that she will kill the both of you, screenshot that and other conversations that might be evidence for mental illness, report it to the police, get restraining order and hopely she gets diagnosed with mental instability.
  • now i see why his ex cheated on her… she’s indeed a nightmare. bless you. hope you can get rid of her soon. seems like logic doesn’t work anymore. keep calm and cold towards her ridiculous threats may help. or take her to the police station doorstep and break up with her. you can tell her if anythings happen to you or your family, she doesn’t need to kill herself, you will make her wish come true. 
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