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Saturday, February 4, 2023


Should I still stay?


I have learnt, after this 1 year together. I have learnt to make myself the priority, instead of you.

I am frequently spending time to wait for you to end work (where your end time is irregular), so that we can have a dinner together.

I could have made better use of that time clearing my task list instead of hanging around outside near your workplace. I could have saved some of my emotions from anticipation.

Seems like you make yourself the priority over me.


Whenever I arranged a time early in the morning with you to go for date activities, you would mostly be late to wake up and delay the itinerary.

However, you can wake up at the same early time to do your own work at home. Is this an example of a lack of effort? I guess its just you making yourself the priority.

When I look at fried food at food stalls and asked if you wanna share, you would pull me away and say you are not a fan of fried food.

However, you ate fried food happily when you went out to dine with your family. I feel disappointed when I saw this.

Why is there a difference in treatment? I am not asking for anything lavish or expensive, just to share a piece of fried food with you, and its once in a blue moon too.


You say you would prefer not to dine in malls as the food there are more expensive. Sure, we can go to coffee shops, I don’t mind.

However, you always visit restaurants with your family and friends and pay for those. Why is there a difference in this then?

Sometimes I want to enjoy some good food with you too. You said umpteen times that we should visit this Omakase restaurant ever since Valentine’s day last year, but what has happened?

I really am doubtful and insecure when you made a promise you cannot or maybe don’t even bother to fulfill. Am I still able to trust you this way?

Usually, its me initiating the date plans and ensuring that it pulls through and we get to actualise it. I am really happy when you initiated that few times at the start of our rs.

However, slowly, there come times where you suggested places to go, I became excited about them, but the plan just falls through.

There was no follow up on your side. I feel disappointed, especially after anticipating it. Over time, I have learnt not to anticipate anything from you anymore.

When I told you a disappointing issue that happened to me, you didn’t come to ask me if I am okay or not, how I am feeling etc.

You just expressed a sigh and continued talking about your own stuff. Is it too much of me to expect words of concern from you? Must I ask openly for this?

I don’t know if I am being too sensitive over the small things here, or these are red flags in this relationship.


I have tried to endure this and subtly communicate over this period, but am a little tired now.

I feel lost. What’s next for me to feel insecure about here?

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