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Something has been waking me up at 6:30, and it’s not my grandmother.


I don’t know if I’m going insane, or I’m having episodes where I imagine things, but hear me out, the thing waking me up is not my grandmother I know and love.

My grandmother, 78, and I, 18, have made an agreement for every morning. I wake her up at 6:00 with coffee, and she lets me sleep in 30 more minutes before waking me up. For a while, it was pretty normal, we did the whole agreement and I would be more rested with my insomnia.

About a month ago, she started sleeping in more with her legs keeping her up all night, she had surgery do to her ankle a while ago, before I was born. So I started setting an alarm for 6:30, nothing harmful, right? Well a little over two weeks ago, my second alarm would not go off, I didn’t sleep through them, because I would wake up a few minutes later, and it wouldn’t be up on silent.

It started last week, my grandmother would open my door and call my name, saying “it’s time to get up, get ready.” And leave. I would get up, do my normal routine, and walk into her room all ready to go. Only to find her in a deep sleep, snoring, curled up in her blankets, and her coffee was still full, just cold. I thought it was weird, but woke her up and told her it was time to get ready.


At first I thought I had just had a small episode, I tend to imagine things, scenarios, and even sounds. But then it happened more and more, the same thing. ‘She’ would wake me up, I would get ready, and my grandmother would still be asleep. It started to scare me.

Tuesday, I was sicker than usual, the whole night I was up late with a huge headache and stomach ache, throwing up and not being able to leave the bathroom. My grandmother told me to stay home, but at 6:30, I was woken up. “_, dear, it’s time to get up, get ready”

I replied, hiding my anger that I was woken up and put back into being sick. “You said I could stay home last night, I’m sick remember…”

There was no reply, just a soft shuffle, then a loud CRASH was heard in the living room. Now my grandmother has had calls before, they normally ended in seizures, and due to me living with my grandmother since age 2, I’ve grown quite paranoid with sounds.

Me and my grandfather were up first, he sleeps in a different bedroom then my grandmother, he switched the lights on and showed the cause of the sound. Something had knocked over the almost 300 pound, hard red oak coat closet that was by the door. The glass was shattered and it was obvious there was no fixing it.


I panicked, thinking my grandmother was under there, only to be calmed down as my grandmother walked in, wondering what was that sound?

I checked on all my pets, my dog, my frog, and two lizards to make sure nothing had gotten to them. Everyone was safe.

I asked my grandmother later that day, after I was finally dressed, why she woke me up knowing I was staying home. She was confused, saying she was asleep, her door was locked and all.

I sat there confused, I asked her about the other events, she smiled and laughed, saying. “Oh dear, just like your mother, imagining things!”

I walked to my room, almost falling over in a heap of sobs, just wanting to escape it. I played loud music the rest of the day, slipknot, three days Grace, almost any metal or alt rock band I knew just to block out sound, I didn’t realize it but it was soon almost 3 in the morning. I turned my music off, and went to bed, preparing for the next morning.

Wednesday morning, I did the same thing, and made sure to wake my grandmother up, and went back to bed. “_ time to get up, c’mon.”

I shot up, looking over at the door, it was her, thank god, I was just imagining things.

That was until yesterday, something had yanked me out of bed instead of woken me up, I hit my head on my nightstand and hit the ground pretty hard, I looked up at my attacker.

They had the same body shape as my grandmother, but it wasn’t her, that was not my grandmother. I didn’t know what it was.

I got up, and dusted off, shaking as I walked to my door, lining the front with salt as I closed it, same goes for my window. I told my grandma I had gotten sick again, and I just wanted to sleep. She let me.


I don’t know what it is, but it’s gotten violent, it doesn’t like me sleeping in, I don’t know how long I can do this.

It’s 6:59, I hear it by my door, I’m ready, I don’t know what for but I’m ready.

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