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A netizen shared how her boyfriend is rude to her family and to the elderly, and how her family doesn’t like him.


Here is the story:

“I’m stressed about my situation. My boyfriend is very good and caring towards me. He always thinks about my well-being and takes care of me, puts in effort to make me happy. He has always been there for me during tough times. He also used to accompany me to bring my dad to hospital and appointments before my dad passed away. 

However, he always speaks bluntly and rudely to elderly like my family members (he also does the same to his family members). Like for example if an elderly member does something wrongly or believes something that is wrong or fake, he’ll straight up correct them. If he’s angry or upset with whatever the elderly has said or done, he doesn’t hesitate to show or express it (very often very rudely). He will also tries to inform the elderly of the correct thing to do. I’ve talked to him about this before but he feels that he’s just being straightforward and that respect for elderly is not a default thing but that the elderly should also earn the respect.

This bothers me a lot and it has often put me in difficult situations. I feel that there is no point in arguing or trying to change an elderly’s mindset since they’re usually very stubborn due to different upbringing during their time. Furthermore, I’m also brought up in a way to show respect to elderly even if they’re in the wrong. So I find it very hard or stress when he talks so bluntly to my family members. I feel that’s it’s not wrong to try to correct them or show them that he’s upset but at least should still have some manners or like say it in a nicer toner.

Because of this, my family members dislike him a lot.


Am I being silly for being affected so much by this? Should I accept him for who he is like how he accept me for who I am?”

Editor’s note: He’s in the wrong for being rude but he does have a point about respect needing to be earned.

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