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I am just curious and would like to know: how much allowance do you give your parents? By allowance I mean the monthly money you give out of filial piety.


I remembered giving my mum some money from my measly part-time job pay during my secondary and poly school holidays, so it was natural to give allowance too once I started working full time, but sadly, my pay is really quite miserable for a uni grad pay.

I do not earn much, significantly way lesser than those OPs complaining about their 8k monthly salary.

I have recently just finished repaying my study loan of 1k per month for the past 5 years (total 60k)

I am currently paying a monthly insurance of 1.6k (including endowments, investments and life insurance policies).



(Since this post is anynomous) my take home is slightly more than 3k. I work in a lab and that’s the basic salary offered across all labs in singapore, so changing lab jobs will not change or improve my take home income.

For the past 5 years since I have started working, I was unable to save much because of the repayment of study loan and insurances financial constraints.

For the past 5 years, in addition to repaying my study loan and paying for my insurances, I have been giving my parents allowance too.

When I finished repaying my 60k study loan, I increased the parental allowance by 200 bucks a month.

During one fateful month, when i had alot of credit card bills to pay due to insurance and other stuff, I gave 100 bucks lesser in the parental allowance


(but still higher than what I used to give when I was still repaying my study loan), my mum wasn’t happy and said i was shortchanging her, and even after i explained my financial predicament, she didn’t accept my explanation and said I shouldn’t shortchange her.

I am currently giving her 17% of my take home salary. Is that too little?

My parents has 4 children, each giving them allowance and I just heard from my sister that “U know when u get married, u also have to give yr spouse family?”

So that means that my brother in law and sister in law are giving my parents allowance too?? That is 6 people giving them allowance every month!!!

Does that mean my partner has to give them allowance after we get married too? He earns 1k lesser than me, and he is already giving allowance to his parents, I don’t think he will be able to afford to give my parents allowance too . His parents are very easy going and they are not nit picky about how much he gives them because they understand that he doesnt earn much.

Is there an unspoken rule that we have to give our spouse parents too?

How are we to raise a family with our already little combined income and also give both sides of the family allowance??

Question: what is the appropriate percentage of your take home salary to give your parents? And do we also have to give our spouse parents?

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