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A Grab Driver recently posted on Facebook on eight things he wishes people will know, especially if they have friends who are also working as Private Hire Drivers (PHV).


Here are the eight things

  1. Your friend does not have to be your Grab driver or even anyone’s driver

    He hopes that people will not make their friends send them anywhere for free because their time and the money they spend on petrol is definitely not free.
  2. Don’t bother booking your friend even if you have the intention to pay them

    This is because it is not worth the time and petrol for them to travel down to your location just to earn the Grab fare.
  3. Your friend sometimes after fetching you will also paiseh to take the Grab fare from you

    Its like they go out of the way to fetch you, putting in extra time but not get paid (just like doing free OT).
  4. They already spend so much time on the roads

    As a Grab driver, your friend already spends a lot of times on the road and sometimes they just want to go back home faster to relax and use their phone.
  5. You should not ask your friend for ‘friendship’ price or discounts

    As simple as the heading is, please do not ask for all these, as if their petrol got a lot of discount. If you want to support your friend, pay them the full Grab fare.
  6. If you and your friend not close then don’t ask them fetch

    Sometimes two people that are not close but still sort of know each other be alone together is quite weird.
  7. Let your driver friend know in advance should you guys want to meet up

    Meeting up with you means lesser time for them to drive Grab, so letting them know in advance allows them time to plan ahead to drive and earn money to make up for this lost time.
  8. Doesn’t mean your friend got car means he got time run your errands or pick up people

    Driving Grab is also a job where if you don’t have discipline, you cannot earn. When your friend is working it is just the same as you in your office job.

Notes from the Grab driver

I don’t speak for all drivers. I only speak for myself.

1 thing for sure is that drivers need to be disciplined and have good time management in order to make good money.

You just gotta put in the hours.

Drivers who complain that they cannot make money is because they are distracted by everyone’s requests and might feel obligated to them.


Sometimes your driver friend is chasing their incentives and every minute and hour counts.

Unless I want to spend more time with you or we are very close, I won’t give you a free ride or even if it’s paid, I’d rather pick a stranger.

Therefore, please leave me alone. I have enough jobs and driving is too tiring.

I also kinda feel awkward collecting money from people I know.

FYI, I’m an introvert. So maybe your friends not like that la.

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