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Facebook user Magaret Lay Lay, shared instances where customers who allegedly ordered food and when their orders arrived, they claim that the order was “not delivered” so that they don’t need to pay.


She also shared how a customer who took a Grab ride told the driver that he didn’t have money for the fare and said he will PayNow him, but later blocked him.

Here is what she said

“we have many case like this islandwide already. Police report will be made against all this customers. We will not hide your identity nor your address or name or contact.

This is warning to those customer out there, Singapore law it’s not funny, trying to get free meal without paying, or trying to scam or cheat or fraud just for a meal then prepare to have your meal in jail for at least 10years or fine or both.

Cheating and scam in Singapore it’s a serious offence. This is my words and warning to all Grabfood and foodpanda consumers and customers out there, food delivery rider money are all hard earn money, if you choose to order food delivery then please don’t be a stupid idiot asking for discount for cash delivery, if you got no money then don’t order food delivery and please if you got no grabpay or internet banking please don’t order food online and pay by cash and ask for discount ask for this extra that extra.


Hello we got no time to entertain your drama. Wants use cash to order food delivery then don’t order. Don’t come and tell people you got no internet banking or paynow or even a bank account. Hahaha only ancient people don’t use those things.

Those who staying in condo and landed property houses, you guys are such a disgrace to the society, wants to orders food and when the food is delivered to your house you still got the guts to call grabfood or foodpanda cs to Claim that you never received the order at all,

for your info those customers or consumers who choose to do this act in Singapore by ordering food and when you received it but denied saying you didn’t, for your info grab company has a system computerised able to tracked and trace all food delivery rider on their gps system, so don’t needs to try to be a fool infront of everyone,

this act it’s already counted as cheating and fraudulent and scam of food delivery trying to get free food but without paying it.

This case has happen not only in landed property or condominium customers, it aso happens in HDB flat area also, all this customers out there trying to be a fool of yourself then you can try it.


We have all your details, from names to full address and your photo of your house and vehicle and we can post it publicly to let everyone to be aware of it.

stay landed property and condominium but no money to pay for food, we will contact all riders out there and give us all customers that does that and we will post all your information on all social media and group chat and shame on you.

Don’t believe you can try! I am not trying to threaten anyone but this have been happening to many riders and riders are always the victim of it, being cheated and scam by customers.”

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