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A guy shared a story on how he had feelings for his best female friend and she also felt the same way but they never ever let each other know about it.


Years later when she told him that she had feelings for him, he poured his heart out to her only to find out that it was all too late as she has already been engaged to someone else.

Here is the story

“okay so to start this story off me (28M) met my bestfriend (26F) in 2016 and ever since we have been sooo close.

For stories sake lets we’ll call her “P”.

Whenever me and P met we weren’t that close, we had some mutual friends which made us closer. We both lived different total lives. I was into partying and drinking, and though she was too, she was kind of by herself as well.


We gotten closer throughout those years, and then in 2018 she moved overseas to do stuff for her job. we stayed close while she was away, I even got a girlfriend while she got a boyfriend.

Right when the pandemic hit in 2020, she came back home and we started to get extremely close.

By this time, I’m no longer with my girlfriend. I should specify that we weren’t even flirting or anything along those lines before she came back, but when she did, we were flirting. & she still had a boyfriend..

One night we were in the car talking and what not and she expressed her feelings for me.

She told me how shes in love with me and if she could go back in time she’ll do it all over and just tell me that before she left back then.


The night ended kind of awkwardly but we left on good terms.

A few days later she came over and I tried to express that I’ve always had that vibe around her, and I also do love her.

That might be my fault I dont know. I wasn’t lying by saying that, even though it might seem like I only said it cause she did.

I’ve had my moments in the past where I wanted to be with her. not even that, but just tell her how my feelings were towards her, but I never did because I couldnt find a good enough reason to bring it up.

I thought maybe since she said that, it would be a safe spot for me to reciprocate the feelings.

Well I was dead wronggg lmao.

She came to tell me she was recently engaged and she was shocked to find out I felt that way, that she only told me because she had some uncleared old feelings and she didnt expect me to say this?

I told her that it was unfair for her to be upset with me because she told me that stuff out of no where and I had no idea how to respond.

I wasnt expecting much out of my confession but I honestly didnt expect to get owned over a conversation I never had the guts to start to begin with lol.

So anyways yes, they’re happily married and even though we arent close anymore, I’m very glad shes happy :)”


Image source: Unsplash.com

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