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Honestly, how do people be like earning anything more than 3k when they’re starting out?


I (23M) barely managed to crawl out of poly and NS, and the success stories out here makes me damn salty with my meager 2k borderline salary lmao.

And it’s not like I can’t wait to get a higher pay, but I really feel like the science industry (lmao lab techs especially) are really paid too little. Scrolled through JobStreet today and all I see are <2.5k salaries, minimum bachelor’s, some even degree!

Man with the amount yall paying me not only do I get to eat grass every month, but also watch my salary get increase by a meager $50 per year, while trying to save up for a uni cert, hopefully in a different industry where it’s easier to advance.

If there’s any advice though, please help a poor guy out sigh.


Netizens’ comments

  • If you are chiobu just work in siam diu easy peasy get $10k per month, but you guy ah so bopian
  • When I grad from poly last time, my starting pay was only $1.4k. You need to do job hop like every 2yrs in order to increase your pay faster. At the same time, gain as much working experience as possible. Learn as much as possible during the starting stage.
    Best is to get a degree. Jiayou!
  • Get a degree cert then?
    Last time I was a diploma holder with years of relevant experience but I was doing the same role and getting the same pay as my then colleagues who were a few years younger than me and freshly graduated from uni with zero experience.
  • Although our salaries were the same, I was doing more because managers liked to find me to do their work (even if I wasn’t assigned to them) because I was more experienced.
    Was quite frustrated because my pay seemed to get stuck at a certain amt. Simply couldn’t hit $3k despite working for many years already. For my case, I later went to get a degree also lor.
  • Why the need to feel so salty of your 2k salary. You are a fresh grad with no experience. There is this echo chamber happening in social media now that it seem like everyone started with 5k – 6k. Those type of starting pay demand you to be certain field where talent are scarce and the industry is blooming. In tech, there is nothing to be envy about. These fresh folks that earn 6k. If they are not any good, out they go within 2 months or their salary will be stagnant for a long time. So don’t be too upset, everyone have a different staring point. Uncle here also started at the lowest food chain before raises all the way up. So substance more than fluff is the way to go forward. Life is a long journey, they can be higher earning now doesn’t mean they will be 20 years down the road. Heck even 30 years. So no biggy, be smart, be hardworking, be opportune seek the right moment and you have a chance to be successful.
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