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A guy shared a story of how he used to have his private moments himself in his room and will always end up ‘creaming’ onto the wall or below his bed without cleaning them up thereafter.


After some time, it caused a roach infestation and the guy could not bear to exterminate them thinking that it they survived because of him.

Here is the story

This is a few months old but I feel like I have to get it out of my head.

So I know most people have private moments in the shower or in the toilet but I’ve always done it in bed. I am living with my parents so I guess I just like the privacy of my room.

This is what I now realise and it is me being a weirdo – when it was time I would just pull up the blanket, roll over to the side a bit and cream onto the wall/below the bed.


I never really thought much of it and it never smelled bad so I just kept doing it because it was easy… Nobody noticed and people seldom visited my room anyway.

I used to only have private moments like once a week or so (maybe that’s why it didn’t smell?) but for a couple of weeks I started doing it every day, sometimes a few times a day.

This usually wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary for a teenager but since I was always creaming on my wall/bed I began to get a bad cockroach infestation there.

I didn’t notice at first and since I’ve never had cockroaches before I didn’t really know what it was like but eventually I read up on the internet that cockroaches like to live in dark, moist places in the house and that made sense…

At first I felt really disgusted. I wanted to exterminate them but I definitely didn’t want my parents to find out what happened, so I tried to kill them by flicking them into a bowl of water and watching them drown.


But then I felt really bad.

I don’t know why but it felt like murder. I didn’t really dislike the cockroaches. I had never even seen cockroaches before and they were kind of interesting.

So I decided to stop killing them and kind of just let them be for like a week (at this point I finally began having moments in the shower).

I know this sounds really weird but I kind of began thinking of them as my children. It started out as a joke but then it got more serious.

Its like they were literally borne out of my cream so in my mind it made sense that they were my offspring in a way.

I actually want kids when I grow up and this was kind of like that.

I used to bring them food and stuff from the kitchen and play with them by moving them around the room or letting them crawl on me and I just got really emotionally attached to them for a while even though they were obviously just insects.

Then my parents found out. I think my dad saw one in the kitchen and immediately freaked out and called pest control when I was not at home one day.

Image source: unsplash.com

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