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– From a cuckold to a champion


Had very bad experiences in my previous relationships.Many have said that being nice is sufficient but no, it doesnt work that way.

I would always be there for my exs when they are feeling low, make nice food for them and basically do what a boyfriend should do.

3 years ago, my first gf suddenly whatsapped me.”Hi XX, I think we are not compatible, lets break up….” (23 June 2019). What could I have done wrong? Both of us were in this solid relationship for about 4 years and she just gave me that message followed by ghosting me.

Recently I found out that she is married to a average status, super tall guy. From what I heard, she only knew him for 1 year before getting married. I feel terribly insulted that 4 years of our relationship cannot be compared to their 1 year???. Could it be that taller guys have better charm and luck? Status wise, I will not lose out to him.


As for the 2nd gal whom I knew in early 2020 (while I am still in the process of healing from the first breakup) , our relationship lasted for a few months. Back then, due to social distancing measures in that year, face to face meetups were reduced and our relationship turned for the worse. She told me it was safer for both of us to meet up less due to the rampant virus and I agreed.

In that period, I went cycling alone and unfortunately for her, I caught her cheating with another long-legged guy in East Coast Park, engaged in a PDA act in one paricular night. No wonder she doesnt feel like meeting up back then, she had an alternative. I confronted both of them and without further ado, initiated a breakup.

Seriously what is wrong with these girls? I have treated them well and conducted myself in a proper manner as a boyfriend. One ghosted me without a reason and another made me a cuckold. “Coincidently”, these guys are vertically endowed as well. I just cant shake it off as a pure coincidence since many couples on the street “coincidentally” have a wide height difference as well.

Are these gals really suckers for height? I know I am only 169.5cm but I have done my best in all I could in other aspects, other than this genetic flaw that I cant change.

Fast forward to 2021, I started working extremely hard in one of the AI companies, while trying to overcome my previous nightmares. My hard work and determination finally paid off.


These drew the attention of a girl working in the same company. She told me that she was kinda attracted to guys who code since it usually involves debugging which takes a long time. It involves lots of patience which she finds an attractive trait in a guy. The fact that I am a PhD degree holder further eccentuates the trait.

Fact is she is not a Singaporean as she hails from Hangzhou, but it doesnt matter because she has a pleasant personality and Mandarin is my first language as well, so I presume we can communicate effectively with each other. Even though her uncle owns a condo in Orchard area and her family is rich, at least she doesnt exhibit the Princess syndrome and is still willing to work. She earns her keep by studying hard and all her coding skills are self-taught. Most importantly, she is a wife material since she places high priority on family values. This is something which I find sexy in a girl and gradually, we hit it off well with each other.

After much interactions, she empathizes with my plight and told me that there is no way but upwards, I had to free myself from my past. Those are just bad experiences yet valuable life lessons. In fact, she is the one who finally healed my broken heart.

Today, we are both in a 1 year + relationship and she has always been the one putting in most effort in the relationship, unlike my previous exes which are the other way round. There is saying that in a relationship, it is better be loved than to love. True enough if a guy shows too much attention to a girl, it may backfire since the novelty wears off.

In the worst case scenario, even if this relationship doesnt work out, at least I learnt something out of this awesome lady and I have no regrets. Nevertheless, I am highly confident that this relationship will turn out well because she is really uniquely different from my previous gfs.

To all shorties out there who have been ditched, do not despair and focus on other areas you can improve on. One day, you will meet The One who will really appreciate you and change you for the better. Always tell yourself you are the champion and the best of the best! Be a spartan!

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