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A netizen asked the users to share the stories of their shortest employment stories, and the netizens who did share their shortest employment periods did not disappoint.


Joined in the morning, quit in the evening

Joined a company and left in the evening. Would have left in the afternoon if I could.

First day of work, no one in the company could figure out the details of me joining the company and there was hostility amidst conversations without me throughout the office. The kind you see a bunch of people laughing together but you just… Cringe.

Didn’t have a lot to do so I asked the colleague beside me if I could just briefly see what he does and he said OF COURSE NOT.

During team meeting discussion, apparently they had a full week shoot and conclusion was nothing usable came out from that. Scrapped everything, which is crazy.


Left at the end of the day because the team dynamic, management and work quality… None of it was anywhere close to what they boast online. I was just starting out but man, even internship employment with outdated equipment was waaaay higher quality than theirs.

Worked 2 days and quit

Well, worked 2 days in a company and I quit. I’m not doing anything within my employment job scope but was asked to do another dept stuffs.

And the incident happen on my first day of employment make me feel the co is shady or I don’t know,some under table stuff going on. 1 of employee came to the office from shop and cried saying she wants to see the boss but the boss’s sister said he’s not in office which is a lie. And then the sister say she want to terminate this employee and ask her to pay back the few thousand dollar the boss give her.. Long story short, the boss is fking this employee and probably the few thousand bucks was a payment to her, and the coward boss hide inside his office waiting for the sister to settle the problem. I’m pretty sure it’s not the first time.

So i tender, and the sister say I need to serve 1 month and when I say I forgo the 2 days payment,she let me go on the spot.

Quit after 3 days

3 days. was supposed to help an admin assistant who was heavily pregnant. original plan was I’m supposed to learn from her for a month before she went on leave… first day of employment just followed her and see what she does. She say don’t need to remember anything yet, coz I won’t be able to understand.


Went back on second day and she’s gone. Like, just gone. Quitted the very morning. Spent the whole of that day and third day being blind panick spider totally don’t know what I’m doing or supposed to do. Her boss, an old OL started scolding me stupid and dumb and everything. Guess what, she’s clueless also about her assistant’s job.

Didn’t go back on 4th. It was just a part time job during my school holidays. Explained to the job agency what happened and luckily they sided with me. The lady at the agency told me actually that job have been advertised for a long time and very often for that place. The turn over rate was very high. With that kind of boss, I wasn’t surprised.

I worked in many different industry due to coming from poor family and doing part time since sec school holidays. Construction, promotion in malls, door to door sales, delivery, aircon conductor installing factory, bakery, F&B captain, pub waiter, production line, packer, logistic, admin, data entry, medical clerk, football school trainer, security guard, even road building in Indonesia, but that was the worst experience I ever have. Even the tough jobs are very fair to me, but that one was total unfair.

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