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How to calm down for driving test


TP test in days, skills wise i think can pass bc i passed the bbdc eval with 6 pts and most instructors think im generally ok so i got the skills.

Problem is my nerves. Legit so nervous rn everytime i think abt it my stomach churns heart races faster and the problem is im scared on the actual day i’ll be so nervous i will actually forget alot of things/do stupid immediate failures i normally dont so how to calm down?

Any tips for keeping my nerves in check so i can focus during the test? Istg im more nervous for this than i was for my a lvls. If it helps im from bbdc

Netizens’ comments

from bbdc too but still have a little more way to go before i can book my tp test. for the immediate failures part, other than obvious ones like accidents, mounting kerbs, giving way, another thing to look out for is the silent killers like the yellow “x” box. as learners it’s a very basic no brainer theory question that you can’t stop inside but sometimes while being nervous it’s human nature to doubt yourself and blindly follow others.


i personally witnessed one guy during his tp test stop outside the yellow box which was directly in front of the the red light (which is correct) only to roll forward because the car beside him stopped in the yellow box. damn heart pain to see $200+ gone just from self-doubt and pressure from a fellow driver. this was along teck whye ave going to cck rd so if you get the cck test route hopefully this serves as a good reminder.

essentially, always stick to what you know and don’t doubt yourself when definitely you know you’re right. sometimes even licensed drivers make mistakes (be it accidental or voluntarily).

although i havent took my tp test i had pretty bad nervousness before some of my lessons. my palms were sometimes so sweaty that when i let go of the steering wheel you could literally see water droplets from where my hands were 💀 it’s gross and i felt so embarrassed but if this happens to you, don’t worry or feel alone because it’s human nature. unfortunately it can reduce friction between the wheel and your hands making it easier to slip. so if possible, at a red light, place one hand on the wheel and casually brush through your hair or pretend like your arm is itchy and quickly wipe it off.

another tip is to have a looser grip on the steering wheel, when i was really stressed it was so obvious that i was gripping tightly on the steering wheel that multiple instructors pointed it out. if your tester sees you doing so, it might come across as a red flag or a sign that you’re already shaken up so they may be more concerned or strict when marking. so before your test, try to loosen up, do some light hand exercises and breathing techniques. try reaching earlier to use toilet and have a break to sit down so that you don’t reach the centre all panicky and sweaty.

i hope this helps! good luck for your tp!! 🙂

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