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Insurance agent horror storieS.


I’m curious to hear the horror stories that people have of encounters with insurance agents.

My own recent experience: looking for love on a dating app, matched, set up a date, but the match tried to use the date to do financial planning.

To be clear, I’m not here to hate on insurance or insurance agents, but to call out the unsavoury sales tactics that some agents use. I believe that insurance is an important part of the financial system, without which many lives would have been ruined.

Netizens’ stories

  • Lmfao, mine was funny asf. half a year after ORD, i get this message asking to meetup from a friend. I was half wary, knowing that this guy studies Finance @ NTU. I actually had his name saved as “Potential Insurance Agent/ Financial Advisor” in my contacts. I was bored and decided to probe a bit, and this fella was quite sincere, even asked to meet with a few of our bunkmates at Universal Studios. Quite normal right, cant sell insurance at USS?
    WRONG. We were queueing up for the Mummy ride, and this was like during the big covid hoo hah and the rediscovery vouchers, so the rides were legit 2 hour waiting times. guy whips out his ipad and tells us he needs to take notes or something for his lecture, ended up showing us his “lecturer’s presentation slides” that was on life insurance and how important it is to be purchasing one at our age since we are joining the workforce and what not.
    After a few minutes of him droning on about how long his lecturers slides are, he proceeds to switch to switch to a slide labeled “PLANS”. He had INDIVIDUAL slides for each one of us after talking to us and crafted a financial plan AND a health plan, like this guy str8 up did research on us before meeting at USS. Wouldn’t shut up about it and said that in case the ride jerks and whatnot and we sprain our neck or break a finger on this ride, we could claim so and so amount. Load of bull, we ended up making a new bunk chat without this fella in it.
    Last i heard of him, he just jio’d people out to go Prawning. Imagine selling insurance while prawning bruh
  • This was years ago… I was walking along a HDB void deck corridor, heading to the coffeeshop to tabao some dinner. I remember it was just outside either a Giant or Seng Siong supermart when someone behind me shouted “Uncle, your wallet dropped.” This is strange since I have¬†never dropped my wallet. Anyway, just in case, I turned around to look and this young fella came up and said “I hope you don’t mind hor, no wallet, but I represent xxx insurance company…” I said no thanks and went to the coffeeshop.
    10 mins later, with my tabao food by my side, I walked back along the same corridor. Again, the same fella starts yelling “Uncle your wallet!”. Naturally, I just ignored him this time.
    A few seconds later, he tapped on my shoulder and tried to turn me around. Oh I spun around alright. I gave him a few angry words, made sure everyone was watching and knew what he was doing just to try and sell insurance.
  • I was working a part-time job while waiting for uni to start. I met my ex-colleague and I got along well with her, because we were close in age and had similar interests. But after I quit the part-time job and started uni, I did not keep in touch with her again… until she called me out of the blue one year later.
    She started by saying how she has gotten a new job and her role is to ‘promote’ the CPF plan to people and all I have to do is listen to her talk and I get $20 NTUC vouchers. Being young and naive (and greedy), I agreed. She told me that the vouchers would be mailed to my address and I thought that would be the end of it.
    Lo and behold, two weeks later, she turned up at my house with no warning whatsoever, under the guise of ‘signing the confirmation sheet for the vouchers’. Even worse, she bought her supervisor with her. She took a very long amount of time to distribute the vouchers to me, and it was not until she started talking about insurance plans and whatnot, that I realised I’ve been scammed.
    Fortunately I remained stubborn and refused to sign, and she left soon after. I immediately blocked her, and warned another mutual friend of mine that this ex colleague might approach her as well (and it did happen).
    It really turns me off, how some of these agents use such scummy practises to get people to sign up.
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