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A Facebook user who declined to be named, shared how an old friend of his finally returned the $80 that he owed him after 18 years.


The netizen, who was an officer in the army at the time, had a subordinate under him during NS, who had asked to borrow money from him because of some financial difficulties.

After the ORDed and left NS, they lost touch, until a chance meeting years later where they exchanged contact numbers and the friend told him that he hasn’t forgotten and would return the $80 to him.

But he didn’t and more years passed and the friend changed his mobile number again.

Even more years passed and entered the era of social media, and the two friends then connected on Facebook, with the netizen saying that he never gave up on him.


Then one night, after 18 years, the friend called him and asked him for his account number, before sending him a photo of an ATM transaction receipt for a bank transfer.

He had finally returned the $18 that he owed, after almost 2 decades.

Here is what he said

I am really touched!!! Waited for 18 years and finally!!!

Its not about the amount of money, its about a men wanting a change of his life!

This post is not to disgrace anyone. I post this because i am super duper happy for him.


He is a army man under my care in year 2002 when during NS time. At that point of time, we are all drawing NS pay and not much money. He feedback his issue to me and wish to borrow from me during one of the platoon commander 1 to 1 interview.
Without consideration i lend him the money and hope he resolve his issue and be good

After we ORD, he have not return. He changed his phone number and we are unable to contact each other anymore.
I also think that if i prepare to lend i prepare to lost it all. Just let water flow (hokkien saying)

In these years, i met into him again outside and ask him hows life, we exchange contact and also we did mentioned about this loan matter in our messages.
He said he did not forget and sure would return to me.
I believe him!
A few times of promises but always never fulfill again and again when deadlines are met.
He changed mobile number again.
We would never know why, maybe he cant pay the bills and telco terminate his number?
We have to always keep it positive.

The Power of social media. Finally we are connected via facebook.

I also heard about him many times from peer outside but had never give up in him. We continue to Keep in touch.

Last night i receive a call from a number not stored in my phone.
“Sir give me your bank account number leh”
I ask who are you.
I thought must be some scam call because why in this era still call me Sir.
I was busy with friends at that point of time, so i sounded a bit inpatient.
“Who are you!”
Then he identify himself and told me this time he confirm will return me.
I believe it half heartedly as i have long ago let this debts flow…….
This morning, he text me with this receipt.
Tears flow down from my eyes.

Its not the amount!
Honestly 1 HDL meal also not enough but it may be a big amount to someone.
Why i am so joyful because he finally did it and step out of that ‘always empty promises’ him. I see that my man finally wanted a change of his life!
Honestly he can continue to hack care me, there is nothing i can do.

Some of my army man may know who is this guy. But Please do not mention any name in this post if you happened to read.

I would donate out this $80 with this man name and hope merit back to him and his family 

I sincerely hope you read this post and you must try your best as a responsible man to take care of your family and work hard for your life. 你已经踏出第一步了!加油,不能放弃!


You Jia you bro!

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