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A guy shared a story with us on how he lost almost $2,000 while playing the card game in-between with his relatives while having reunion dinner at his uncle’s place a few days back.


He shares that this was his first time playing the game as he usually plays Blackjack or Baccarat with his friends.

Now he is making a promise to himself not to play in-between ever again.

Rules of in-between

For those that do not know the game, two cards from the deck of cards are opened at each turn and you will have to place a wager on whether the number of the third card that is opened will be in between the numbers of the first two cards.

There will be a ‘pot’ at the start of each round and every player contributes the minimum wager to the pot.


If the number of the third card is in between the number of the first two, you win the amount that you wager from the ‘pot’.

If the number of the third card is bigger than the second card or smaller than the first card, it is not an in-between and you will contribute your wager into the ‘pot’.

If the number of the third card is the same as the number on the first or second card, you contribute twice your wager into the ‘pot’.

The netizen’s story

“I feel so cheated by this game called in-between. I have only learnt the game today when at my uncle’s house for reunion dinner.

Before anyone decides to ask us how many people are at the gathering, I would like to state that my family are very law abiding citizens and the number of people at the reunion dinner is within the laws set by the government.


Every year after our reunion dinner, we would play cards and do a little gambling to warm up for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

My cousins decided to have a game of in-between this year instead as they said that it was more exciting and thrilling.

I initially wanted to play blackjack or baccarat as I am more familiar with the rules but my cousins insisted on playing this game.

We took a vote and it was three in between to two blackjack/baccarat.

They said that since I was a newbie, they would keep the stakes more at a minimum of $2.

The game then progressed and the ‘pot’ was getting bigger as we did not manage to score an in-between for quite a number of hands.

Some of us had even hit the ‘tiang’ which meant that we had to put double our wager in the ‘pot’.

It was just as if the cards were playing us instead of us playing them.

Soon enough, the ‘pot’ had hit almost a $1,000 and it was my turn.

The cards opened in front of me, first card was ACE and the second card was KING.


I thought to myself that that was like the smallest card in the game to the biggest card in the game and this was it, I AM GOING TO BE $1,000 RICHER.

I held my nerves pulled myself back from calling $1,000 and my cousins were playing a fool and edging me on.

I then weighed the probabilities and thought to myself that this was a easy $1,000 and I called for the whole ‘pot’.

As I called the whole ‘pot’ and took the third card to open, my cousins were shouting ‘TIANG TIANG TIANG’ which in the terms of the game meant for me to hit a card the same value as the first or the second.

True enough, I opened a freaking ACE and had to throw in $2,000.

Don’t question me on why I brought so much money to play, this is just my family tradition every CNY and we only gamble once a year during this festive period.

I then thought that I still have a chance to fight back the money as no one would have the guts to call for the whole ‘pot’ after seeing me throw this $2,000 in.

Then it came to my cousin’s turn and WHAT IN THE WORLD it opened another ACE & KING.

My cousin also held his nerve and called for the whole pot and that lucky idiot got an in-between card and managed to win the whole pot which was close to $3,000 at that time.

I managed to recoup some losses as the night went by and lost about $2,000 when I was almost down $2,800 after the TIANG incident.


I will never touch this game ever again.”

Image source: Unsplash.com

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