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A netizen shared his experience about how he was asked to perform at a “gig” during his uni days.


He was asked to play the violin on stage as a backup to a singer and was offered $200 for a 10 mins performance.

However, when he reached the place, it wasn’t as he expected.

Here is the story:

“Previously, The dirty news about the KTV cluster showed many people about the KTV nightlife in SG. Men paying for female hostesses, to drink, to sing, to entertain…

But do you know there are certain KTVs who do the same, but with gender roles flip around?


Yes. Men entertain ladies, ladies throw money on male hostesses, to drink, to entertain.

I also don’t know until I took up a violin accompaniment gig during my uni days.

Back then, I was teaching and performing violin to earn my own pocket money while in uni.

Then someone told me her friend is looking for a violinist to play accompaniment for a singer for a party, who will be singing a Jacky Cheung Canto song. $200 for about 10min.

Of cos, I say yes. $200 for just 10min. I didn’t ask to perform where or who and as it’s good money, I just take. $200 is good enough for a few weeks of school canteen expenses.


As it’s a canto song, it doesn’t have a violin score. So I go write out violin parts myself, practice at home make sure I put up a good performance.

So I was given the date and timing of the performance. I remember is Friday night 12 am at Cuppage. And no need for rehearsal. I just need to wear nice, and bring my violin will do.

So on that day, I turn up with my violin and waited in the lobby of Cuppage. A lady comes and introduces herself, along with the singer. A Chinese National. Smart-looking, well-dressed young guy.

So I followed them up to their ‘party’. I’m ready to perform!

I then went up Cuppage and entered a club.

I thought, wa.. Must be some rich guy. Can hold party here.

When I enter, he told me the performance hadn’t started. So I sat down with them and chat. He ordered drinks for me also. And then things start to get interesting.

A middle-aged lady come over to our table and wave to the lady who brought me up. She pointed at me, “Wow, you got a new boy today ah?”

She reply, “no la. He is just here to play the violin for my boy (the PRC) tonight.

“I’m like… What boy what boy.. I’m getting confused. Anyway, got free drinks, just drink and wait for the party to start, so I perform, take $$ and go. Don’t care what boy.


But after a while more, another middle-aged lady come and sit beside me, and chat with me. Ask my name, hobby, whatever…I’m getting uncomfortable, so I just say I come here to play the violin. I’m just quiet and trying not to talk to anyone.

But one lady after another.. keeps coming to me and trying to open a conversation. I try to talk a bit, but I’m like… When can the party start? I want to play, take the money and go home. 12.45 am liao leh…

So 1am! Finally, I’m called up to perform. I’m damn happy. I took out the violin, set up all things, mentally prep myself to give the best performance. Just like playing in orchestra all that.

So I started playing the opening tune, and that young guy start singing. And he can really sing.

But after about 30s into the song, I keep hearing popping and whistling sound. And then the money ribbon keep hanging on him. $1000 ribbons, $5000 ribbon.

And throughtout the rest of the song. It’s just popping, whistling, and hang robes, aka hang flower. He can’t even sing properly, I can’t even hear my own violin.

The song ended, and the PRC guy is like a Christmas tree. Whole-body of ribbon/flower. I mentally counted, probably about $100k worth of ribbons.

I’m thinking…you have so many ribbon, give me just 1 or 2? I can pay off my uni fees already.

So the performance over, he thanked me for such a wonderful performance. (as if he manage to hear me play anything).

And he paid me $300. So it’s extra $100 for me. Not bad, he still give me bonus. But I prefer to have 1 of his ribbon.


I’m sharing this to let you know that the KTV nightlife is not just about old uncles paying young ladies, but there are also old aunties paying for young men.

So husbands and boyfriends… Watch out too!”

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