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I hate the size of my genitals it’s too thin, too short and it’s making me MISERABLE.


For a while I’ve been wanting to get back into dating. I never really wanted to step away from pursuing it, but I was given no choice by todays standards.

The biggest factor in this is the size of my manhood, I simply cannot bring myself to go the extra step because of this. A little bit of a back story – I have been rejected TWICE for my size.

The last one, which was 3 years ago, went ahead and made fun of me over my size. To quote how it was put “you’ll never win anyone over with that, your life will be miserable”.

Well I can tell you for nothing, some may find it harsh, but she certainly wasn’t wrong. It has been a complete misery to say the least. Word got out about that and I even lost friends over it. She was still an angel in everyone’s eyes, but I was too much of an embarrassment in everyone’s eyes and it broke people away from me.


Since then, I’ve faded off, the pandemic also showed where people’s loyalties are when I spent it entirely alone. Honestly feels life if I had been killed off by the virus in my own home in 2020, I would still be laying there rotting now. Nobody reached out.

I recently went with an escort just to have any form of action – I thought it would make me feel better, but the doubts of my size are just as bad. I asked if the escort even felt anything from my size. Now obviously she is going to say yes to keep her client happy, but I thought it would give me some hope, but nothing. My girth size is 4.4 to maybe 4.5 circumference. The length is just touching 5 inches. People are going to say that’s average, which I find to be total crap. There’s no way it is.

Anyway, idk what to do. I’ll probably try therapy. It may fix some issues but this whole nightmare regarding my hatred for my size, it won’t do a thing. When you know what the common women’s standards are for genital size which has been made clear everywhere you go, no amount of therapy is coming to convince me to lie to myself, become “confident” which in the end, the confidence will make me look a delusional clown in front of a woman and in turn will make her think “why does this guy think he has a chance lol”.

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