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Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Couples of SG how many of you actually look forward to V day? Speaking as a 22M , personally I feel like its just a marketing gimmick to milk money from mostly guys.


On top of the expectation from the GF, its lowkey kinda stressful to come up with unique gifts and things to do that is meaningful and doesn’t overlap with other occasions such as birthdays and anniversary… after all there’s only so much you can do in SG.

I value the little things in the RS, but getting socially pressured into planning for stuff buying gift just isn’t it for me. It is to the point where I’m wondering maybe I’m just too much of a brokie to enjoy V day or I just don’t value the RS???

That said, I still got her a present and we’re going out tmr.

Netizens’ comments

  1. You might need to talk to your girl about this because one day y’all gonna have a nasty argument and I guarantee this sore subject will get brought up
  2. haha my wife follows japanese vday, so its the GIRLS that give gifts to GUYS. but i still bought her a lego orchid flower, guaranteed to last forever
  3. I think every couple is different ? It’s perfectly fine to not even celebrate it if both parties are happy can already.

    We are married with 3 kids but we still go out every Vday for the fun of it.. I don’t have expectations but my husband thinks it’s fun to find new nice places to bring us to. And I’ll enjoy it no matter what because I’m always happy to spend 1-1 time with him.

    After kids and all it’s not so easy to go out every night like pre-kids. So it’s actually meaningful for some couples? I guess really thoughts that counts too. I’ll be happy chilling at home too.

    I also make effort to plan gifts and surprises for my husband and the look on his face is totally worth it. It’s very fun to be in a marriage where both parties appreciate each other everyday.

    Oh ya and I am kinda sick of people shitting on V day and how over commercialize it is and out to cheat your money bla bla bla . I mean you do you what you want and those that still wants to be predictable/ romantic/ suckers have every right to do so? There’s plenty of ways to celebrate within own means and budget.

    I just feel like c’mon lighten up a little, man. It’s literally once a year. I’m sending a bouquet to my husband this year. Happy V day folks
  4. I’m a female and yes I enjoy vday but not the reasons that you might expect. I love the things that my bf planned out but I also do plan surprises for him.

    He’s a cinephile and a gamer so I bought him a sound bar set and snuck into his house to set it up for him while he’s out and to me it’s about seeing the look of surprise and glee on my partner’s face that makes it all worth it.

    Once, I ordered some warm desk lights and some desk accessories like solid wood monitor stand and upgraded his desk set up for him.

    The look on his face when he came back says it all. We just like to do things for each other on special days like this that we don’t do on normal days (either because it’s expensive to do it every single day, or it’s not practical) It’s more of a tradition for us than gifts, where you pay attention to what your partner needs.

    And I believe that doing special things for each other once in a while keeps the spark alive. Hope this offers another perspective!
  5. My first V-day with my now husband was more than 2 decades ago. He bought some overpriced flowers (first and last time since I can’t appreciate flowers) and we tried to eat somewhere but we hate queues.

    I ended up telling him that V-day is a commercial event and I don’t really care for all that, much to his relief. We’ve never bothered with this day since.
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