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A netizen spoke up for fresh grads in the workforce and shared his experience with a fresh grad who joined his company.


Here is the story:

“Recently, my department welcomed a fresh grad. When asked if this is his first job, he said no. He was actually from an e-commerce company but left the organisation.

I didn’t probe too much into the details of his leaving. But I would just like to say that it’s ok for fresh grads to feel pressured and stressed when they first start to work. It’s also ok to see them leave their first job within a matter of months.

In fact, it’s normal. I too, was a classic case of leaving my first job after several months due to some matters.

Why is it ok? Fresh grads tend to have this mindset of what their ideal job should be. They aim and strive to create that perfect picture in their first job. But reality isn’t always the case and setbacks and disappointments ensue, which cause them to leave the work.


It’s actually good, because now they know that the line of work doesn’t really suit them, be it people, responsibilities or company vision, mission.

Since they are young, they are able to bear a bit of the loss and search for another job.

If they get another offer, good for them. If they don’t, then it’s time to search hard. And this is also a lesson for them. To cherish and realise that their ideal job is not as realistic as they thought it to be. Then in their next line of work, they would be able to put aside such thoughts and focus.

People who think that these fresh grads are strawberry or durian generation. No they are not. They are just normal human beings that are still trying their best to navigate the working world, one that is already being ruled by laojiaos who set the rules as and how they want them to be, and these young people have no choice but to get used to it.

So let’s not judge them and instead, support them. Teach them the things they need to do their work. Don’t know much excel skills (most grads I know really know a few basics only because in uni, who uses excel often? It’s all R, Python, Solidworks, Matlab, Arduino), teach them what you use.


They don’t talk during department lunches. That’s fine. It’s their way to assimilate and trying to be a part of the group. Initiate conversations with them, get them to talk about themselves. And please, after a few months, there’s really no need for department lunches.

Sometimes, even I want my own time to just rest my head on the table in silence instead of faking smiles at the kopitiam table.

Let them do their own things during lunch. You never know, they might be watching a drama that you are watching too. More things to talk about.

To all young and fresh grads, know that you are not alone, this guy here typing, and many others out there were just like y’all. Learn and absorb. Blend in well without losing yourselves. And always be courteous and reasonable, and pass down this attitude to the next generation of new people.

Because like you, they will need your support.”

Editor’s note: Agreed.

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