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As an employee, it can sometimes seem like all the fun and glory goes to the boss.


That they’re the ones reaping the rewards and enjoying life while you’re stuck toiling away in the trenches.

And while it’s true that bosses often do have it a bit easier, there’s a key difference between employees and bosses that often gets overlooked:

The Mindset

The difference between having fun as an employee and having fun as a boss comes down to a single word: purpose. As an employee, your goal is to do the job you’ve been given and do it to the best of your ability.

As a former poor man, I can attest to the fact that there are certain spending habits that go along with having little to no money. I learned the hard way that if I wanted to get out of poverty, I would need to change my mindset.


When I was poor, I was the one who was always looking for the cheapest way to do something. I was always looking for the best deals, and when it came to spending money, I’d try to find the cheapest way to do it. I would pinch pennies, and never treat myself to anything unless it was absolutely necessary.

As I started to make more money, I changed my mindset about spending. Instead of looking for the cheapest way to do something, I started looking for the most efficient and effective way to do something. When I had to spend money, I would look for quality, something that would last and something that would be worth the money I was spending.

I also started to think about the long-term effects of my spending habits.

Instead of simply looking for the cheapest option, I started to think about how my spending would affect me down the road. Would this purchase help me in the long run, or would it just be a short-term fix?

The mindset of a rich man is completely different from that of a poor man. For a rich man, money is not something to be feared or pinched, but instead something to be enjoyed and invested. A rich man doesn’t worry about the cheapest way to do something, but instead looks for the most efficient and effective way.

When a rich man spends money, he is looking for the best quality and value. He looks for things that are going to be worth the money he is spending, and he looks for items that are going to last a long time. He also looks for investments that will pay him back in the long run.


Decision-making to spend or save

While being an employee in the past, I always look forward to payday to buy the things I want or spend on garbage activities with my friends that get me nothing in return.

After being a boss, I realised that many of such activities are completely useless and I spend more time thinking about how I can make more money than getting myself drunk.

Of course not to completely get rid of all leisure activities, The key is moderation.

The mindset of a rich man also helps him to make better decisions. He takes the time to analyze the situation and make sure that whatever he is spending his money on is going to be worth it. He doesn’t just take the cheapest option, but instead looks for the option that is going to be the best for him in the long run.

The mindset of a rich man is something that I have adopted since I started making more money.

It has allowed me to make better decisions and to invest in things that will benefit me in the long run. It has also allowed me to be comfortable with spending money, knowing that whatever I am spending it on is going to be worth it.

I am now able to enjoy the finer things in life, while still being smart with my money.

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