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Thursday, August 18, 2022

HDB auntie got assaulted by drunk Ah Beng at funeral.


Dear SingaporeUncensored,


I felt a moment of anguished when I heard my mom was pushed down by ah beng downstairs at a funeral. I was preparing to sleep when I overheard shouting of hokkien vulgarities with my mom voice protesting back.

I quickly rush down to see what was happening, to my horror I saw that my mom was on the floor and the ah beng covered with tattoos wanted to beat my mom. I quickly ran over to prevent him from hitting my mom and fortunately his “brothers” held him back.

I help my mom to my feet and ask my mom what happened. Fortunately she didn’t break any bones or was seriously hurt. I realise the Ah beng was reeking of alcohol and still cursing my mom and my whole family. As we were staying at second floor, my mom went down to check why there was a pungent smell and she realise that the portable toilet door wasn’t closed.

She then went to the funeral to tell one of the family members about it and suddenly this ah beng starting asking what her problem and if she not happy can settle things “outside” My mom being strong in character(stubborn) didn’t wanted to back off so she reply that she was concern about the smell and there where the quarrel took place.


Fortunately the police came and try to calm both parties even than the ah beng was still shouting and threatening to burn down our house. I understand that they are going through a time of mourning but I felt that mom was just concern about the smell as we stay second floor. To the ah beng I hope if your reading this she after all just an old lady you are lucky that she didn’t sustain any serious injury.

Pissed off Son

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