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Hi Everyone, I am foreigner living in Singapore for 12 years now and staying in same HDB unit for 9 years. All this started when I was transferred by my company to a different country.


I have 1.5 year rental agreement signed in may 2022. Since I have to move out, I gave landlord(lives abroad) a notice of 3 months in Oct.

Landlord said as per the agreement I need to pay rent for rest of the months even if I move out. So I requested my company to delay the transfer and landlord and me mutually agreed that i can vacate in may end 2023. Everything is ok until this.

After few days landlord messaged that she cannot travel to singapore during may so asked to consider prepone the move out to march 2023 to which I couldnt agree as I cannot again get my transfer date changed.

She even mentioned she plan to stay in flat while singapore else a service apartment would cost her a lot. I responded thar its not possible.


She then asked to produce AC servicing receipts. I provided 2 receipts as i missed doing servicing due to covid.

She then sent an email stating she decided to end the lease and started threatening me that if i dont move out by march 27, she will have lawyer exectute eviction and she will cut off electricy, water and gas.

She will lock the propety and give no access and security deposit wont be given back.

I checked with couple of lawyers and they said she cant evict me like this but she can terminate water, gas, electricity supply as sp services is her on name.

And even if i got to small claims tribunal or court it would take few weeks and i will have to face the problem of no water, electricity etc.


I feel this is really unfair that landlord can do such acts but i cant even have my opinion heard. I have a 3 year old daughter and i cant be out on road due to this inhumane act of landlord.

Its very difficult to get rental for 1.5 month given the market now:-( My 3 year old kid has bday on may 15 and she wants to celebrate with her neighbourhood and preschool friends one last time(she has grown up here)

Please advise if anybody has gone through such or have some ideas which can save me from this harassment.

Netizens’ comments

  1. Sadly some landlords use all the pretexts to vacate early or late depending on their choosing. Sad to hear the pain you had to go thru, come to an agreement and find alternative living arrangement.
  2. You rented at her place for 9 years yet she treat like a dog. Inhumane. Sorry for what you are going through.
  3. Don’t waste your time, money and energy going through the legal route. Discuss with your company and see what they can come up with.

-Is it possible to transfer you earlier now.

-Can they render you some assistance if you move to your next country earlier than transfer date.

-Can they render you some assistance if you have to move to a service apartment in Sg the next 1.5 months

-Is it feasible to move your family back to home country for the next 1.5 months whilst you live in a hotel here and then meet up again in your new destination. Etc etc.

I hope things work out for you in the end.

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