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A Woodlands North MRT station manager, Khazin Bin Rajab, was previously reported helping to save a student who had collapsed at the MRT station and become unconscious.


However, unbeknownst to many, Khazin had been fighting cancer all the while; and he has since passed away after succumbing to his illness.

Saving the life of the student

SMRT previously shared that two students were waiting for a train at the MRT station when one of the students suddenly collapsed and was not responsive.

The friend shouted for help and commenced CPR on the friend, before Khazin and his assistant station manager Faiz rushed over and used an AED on the collapsed student.

The student was then revived before being sent to the hospital conscious.


SMRT’s post that commended Khazin

“I’m really thankful that many stepped in to help that day.” – Station Manager (SM) Khazin Bin Rajab

On a Monday afternoon, while 2 students were waiting for a train at Woodlands North TEL station, 1 of them collapsed and became unresponsive. The friend shouted for help and began administering CPR.

SM Khazin and Assistant Station Manager (ASM) Muhammad Faiz Bin Abdul Rahim rushed down to the platform, where SM Khazin used the automated external defibrillator (AED) on the unconscious student. Shortly after, paramedics arrived, and the student was taken to the hospital in a conscious state.

Thanks to their quick-thinking actions, a life was saved. Great job, SM Khazin and ASM Faiz!

Was feeling weak during the incident from chemotherapy

Sembawang GRC MP Mariam Jaafar also shed light on Khazin’s condition on 31 October, sharing that “superhero” Khazin had been feeling weak at the time when he saved the student, as he had been going through chemotherapy for his cancer.


She said:


We saw many in superhero costumes yesterday, but I visited a real-life superhero among our residents.

Mr Khazin bin Rajab is a Station Manager at Woodlands North Station on the TEL line. You may have read how he saved a student’s life last month by rushing to administer the AED when a student collapsed on the platform, which allowed paramedics who arrived later to take her to the hospital in a conscious state.

What you probably do not know is that Mr Khazin was weak from undergoing chemo treatments during that time. Diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer last year, his condition suddenly deteriorated this month. The cancer has spread up his spine and to his brain.

Mr Khazin was sent home a few days ago. It is comforting that he is surrounded by his loving family.

Our superhero is still fighting. He needs our prayers. Dear friends, with the permission of his wife Rosnani, I ask that you say a prayer or a wish for recovery for Mr Khazin.

Syafakallah buat En Khazin. Doakan.

A hero who will be missed

Khkazin’s aunt, Purnama Sari, shared in a Facebook post that Khazin had since passed away, after his condition took a turn for the worse in the morning.

“Sadly Missed, a quiet guy. His silence speaks volume.


Not all heroes wear capes, and my dear late nephew, Khazin was one of them yall.

He was awarded a Community Life Saver Award by SCDF. He saved a student’s life when she collapsed on Woodlands North station MRT platform. Like other heroes, saving a total stranger’s life in an emergency was a split-second action, either you stupid or you brave!

Early this morning his health condition (Colon Cancer Stage 4) was deteriorating and my niece called me for advice, i rushed my way there.

Surprisingly his farewell was attended by many and it was a smooth, peace and harmony bid.”

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