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On April 3, 2024, a disheartening incident occurred at Kovan carpark, leaving a vehicle damaged and its owner, the father of the person sharing this account, with a sense of disappointment. A car had accidentally reversed into the father’s parked vehicle between 5-6 pm, causing an estimated $600 in repair costs. The driver responsible for the damage left a note, expressing their willingness to take responsibility and provide compensation. However, the contact number provided in the note turned out to be invalid, leaving the father unable to reach them.


The father, who had initially felt relieved that the person responsible had at least left a note, was let down upon discovering the invalid number. He spent the entire day trying to contact the person, to no avail. The number, which belonged to an Indian worker who had since returned to her home country, was unreachable due to being a mobile landline.

The repair workshop staff, upon learning about the situation, kindly offered to help the father reach out to the person responsible. However, their efforts were also in vain. The father’s car, unfortunately, did not have a camera installed, making it impossible to identify the person responsible through footage.

In light of this unfortunate event, a plea is being made to any kind witnesses who may have been present at blk 203 Kovan carpark between 5-6 pm on April 3, 2024. Any information regarding the incident or the person responsible would be greatly appreciated, as it would help in resolving this matter and bringing some closure to the father.

Here is the story written:

“A car reversed and knocked onto my dad’s car at Kovan carpark on 3 April 2024, around 5-6pm. He/she wrote this note as my dad was not around as he parked his car and went to buy food for my son. My dad was still happy that the person made the effort to write the note and offered to pay. However, the disappointing thing is the person who wrote this note gave an INVALID number.


I tried adding this number on WhatsApp as elderly like my dad doesn’t know how to use WhatsApp. It turned out that this number belongs to an Indian worker who have already return to her country thus the mobile land line couldn’t get through.

My poor dad tried calling this number the entire day today but to no valid. He went to the repair workshop and the workshop staff shared that the repaired cost is about $600. The workshop staff was also kind enough to help my dad reach this number in the note.

Appealing for kind witness who happened to be around blk 203 Kovan carpark around 5-6pm yesterday. My dad’s car doesn’t have a camera thus we are not able to capture the person who knocked his car.”

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