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Hong Kong Monster Rape 9 Year Old Girl 100 Times


A Hong Kong man has been depicted as “the rubbish of the earth” and his violations “unconscionable and loathsome” after subtle elements of his rapes on his young girl were uncovered in Hong Kong’s High Court.


The jobless 62-year-old, whose name was not uncovered to ensure the casualty’s character, was sentenced to 21 years in prison on Wednesday (May 4).

He was beforehand sentenced every one of the 10 charges – six numbers of assault and four tallies of making youngster explicit entertainment – he confronted in spite of arguing not blameworthy, reported the South China Morning Post.

High Court Judge Maggie Poon Man-kay, who passed the sentence, unequivocally denounced the man and said she had considered how genuine his wrongdoings were.

“The young lady said she had been “assaulted” more than 100 times,” she included.


The initially asserted rape occurred in 2011, when the casualty was five, and proceeded till 2014.

“He utilized his thing to enter into where I go to latrine with,” the casualty said in a recorded video meeting appeared in court. She was likewise envisioned telling a policewoman that there were more than 100 such episodes.

Her dad would attack her consistently while watching the nightly news for whatever length of time that 60 minutes, she reviewed. He would likewise deny her supper on the off chance that she declined him.

Madam Justice Poon said: “The occurrences spread over three years and occurred more than once. He took pictures when he sexually attacked his little girl, and he didn’t rehearse safe sex.”

She additionally portrayed the man as “shameless” and “callous”, and that the sentence forced was to deflect him from submitting future offenses.


As per mental reports of the casualty, she now experiences low self-regard, abhors her dad, and would just call him the “terrible person”.

She is as of now staying with her mom.

The rapes had initially begun when the casualty was compelled to live with her dad as her mom, who is from territory China, couldn’t secure a Hong Kong visa as she had beforehand been imprisoned for a criminal offense in the city.

Her dad’s legal counselor said he was thinking about whether to bid against his conviction.

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