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How Local Wet Market Might Be Cheating Your Money(video)


Have you ever went home and realise that the items you bought are missing from your bags? This video could enlighten you the reason why.

The viral video showing how wet market food sellers are cheating your hard earned cash. This video was taken from a China CCTV. The question is… How often does this happen in Singapore wet markets? Well i have at least seen it once and my mother was almost a victim of such a scam.

In Singapore, this is a serious cheating crime. This is no different from online scams that make you buy something that is make believed.

Technique in doing this scam

The seller pretends to weight your item for the price. She then quickly changes the bag with another one that contents less items or some cheap knockoff. How this works is she is trying to use the customer’s blind spots to make the exchange. It is quite obvious in the video that she is doing this scheme one bag after the other.

Please be caution when visiting your local fish markets for groceries. Always check on the spot before leaving the stall.