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Husband jailed for punching a man in his bedroom

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On Tuesday (26 July 2016) army regular sergeant Shawnald Lee Hong Heng pleaded guilty and was jailed five weeks for hunting Mr Donovan Quek Hon Yong causing him to had fractures in the eyes socket area and chipped teeth on 10 July 2015.

Investigation showed that Mr Quek and Mr Lee wife Mrs Wong Kai Yan 23 years old had been out drinking with friends at a pub about 1am that day. As Mrs Wong was drunk, Mr Quek helped to send her home by taxi.

Awhile later, Mr Lee returned home together with his friend, Mr Tan Jing Sheng 25 years old as they were planning to go drinking if Mrs Wong was asleep.

When Mr Lee saw his wife lying on the bed and Mr Quek sitting on the same side of the bed, Mr Lee gets angered and punched Mr Quek in the face serval times. Mr Lee wife told him that it was a misunderstanding.


Mr Quek left shortly and took a taxi to Yishun neighbourhood police center to lodge a police report. He was taken to hospital for medical examination.

Mr Lee lawyer T.M. Sinnadurai had asked the court to consider probation. He said his client found his wife in her underwear, and became emotionally disturbed and lost his self-control. He said Lee is taking care of their young daughter as his wife is now in a drug rehabilitation centre.

DPP Chua said Lee only told the police in his statement that his wife was not wearing a shirt as she had vomited and taken it off. He said the prosecution could not confirm whether she was in her bra and panties as her legs were covered with a blanket.
He said probation was inappropriate and asked for a sentence of six to 10 weeks jail.
Me Lee could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined up to $5,000 for causing hurt.

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