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How do I deal with a husband who live in his own world?


I married to my husband at 2018 and everything is good at the starting until he decided to run F&B business at 2020.He have no idea the amount of salt & sugar for the cooking but he make a decision to open the business with his friend(from decide to grand opening less than 6 months) but unlucky his friend also not a cook person so due to cannot see he fail I decide to help him and all the nightmare start.

He is not a details person, so by-force I need to take care of the ordering part with supplier & train the staffs with daily operation running. And my job not end with this, after finished at outlet I still need to continue check my staff to cook at central kitchen.

He is basically deal the apps & marketing & drive grab to cover monthly expenses. And he said business just starting so he only can pay me S$2500 a month for my work, after minus CPF left S$2k on hand. He never ask me pay for house but as in wife I will still buy my daughter needs & others stuffs.

At Aug 2021, he keep bring me & my in law to do the house viewing. Then I ask him is it he wanted to buy a new house but he said just viewing only, because he use to see property video so I trust his word. We see a few condo and he ask my opinion, then 9/7/2021 he bring me see 1 of the condo at the east coast and the salesgirl told him the price will increase on the 12/7/2021.


After viewing he seem like really get into and we sign the agreement of purchase at the midnight on 11/07/21. At the time our previous house haven get buyer and the new house only complete by 2023 so in very rush we sell house and move to rented condo. He is that kind of person who cannot listen to objection and I told him I haven ready to this big buy but he said no need me to pay, just help him pay maintenance fee is good enough.

Then on Sept 2021, he not end his dream yet. He decided to open another outlet at heartland mall but all the things still count on me. The most he deal with the renovation team but setup is done by me & my team. At this moment I already exhausted and my emotional is not so stable, I easy get angry and no more patience to deal with my surround things.

After I setup done with new outlet he give me another “SURPRISE”,he said I always ask for dog (which is before I help him in business & have my daughter) he get me a 2.5 month puppy on the Christmas. I already tell him I have no confident to take care of so many thing but he choose to ignore my word, and he roles in family just sit down watch TV & check on his phone, sleep & poop in the toilet.

Not much interactive between him, my daughter & me plus the puppy. And we quarrel a lot for all this and he said I got anger management issue, and to proof him that he is wrong I book the psychology counselling session. After done the counselling session, the psychologist said I have no anger management issue just I overwork and I feel lost and insecure to all his decision.

And my husband also not the kind of sweet talk person, since day 1 we married until now only have 1 Apple Watch as in present gift and if I ask for more he will said he already provide me house, wifi, Netflix & give me a lady boss title.


He mean I no need work like last time need punch card and can be more flexible (which is really 24/7 no end kind), And he also said he provide everything so the S$2000 salary is enough for me to spend.But as in wife I know his stingy character so when the outlet no need me, I still will go do part time nurse to get extra income. Now I’m the dilemma should I ask for divorce since my effort is not been appreciated by him and the most important issue is I dunno what kind of surprise he will give me in future.

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