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“I Choose Ang Moh Boyfriend Because Singapore Man Childish”


asdasdsadas_censoredWhy Singaporean ladies picking Caucasian men as their accomplices rather than local people?

As per a report by an English sensationalist newspapers, they discover Singaporean men excessively adolescent, ward and need attention. Conversely, Caucasians are more developed, free and are driven by objectives.

Addressing questions from the media, one 21 year old Singapore young lady Miss Ang said she parted ways with her ex-Singaporean sweetheart since he was just acquiring a month to month compensation of $3,000.

She is presently dating a 25 year old German man and she claims that he has high pay and can buy her anything she wants. All she need to do is sleep with him.

Other Singaporean ladies the correspondents met at bars in Clarke Quay likewise said they incline toward Caucasians.

The regular discernment among Singaporean ladies is that Singapore men are as well ‘molly-cossetted’ and don’t know how to deal with young ladies.

The quantity of Singaporean ladies wedding outsiders has expanded throughout the years. In the meantime, the quantity of Singapore men wedding instant ladies from China and Vietnam has expanded also.