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A video has emerged on social media regarding an injured Wild Boar spotted in the middle of the busy Kranji Expressway (KJE).


Many vehicles were seen moving pass the injured animal, with some slowing down to avoid when they spotted the injured animal.

Kind hearted soul to the rescue

However, kudos goes to a man who was spotted attending to the animal and eventually getting it to safety.

The man first approached the wild boar and was seen bending over the wild boar, seemingly to assess its condition and see what was going on.

After a few moments, the man gave it some light taps, to try to communicate to the wild boar that it is dangerous being at where it was lying at and to move away from the busy road.


However, the wild boar did not react or move an inch, which prompted the man to think decisively and in a swift moment, carried the wild boar up.

Just as the wild boar was being lifted by the man, a few motorbikes neared them, coming to a stop and narrowly avoided colliding into them.

The wild boar also tried to release itself from the man’s grip as the man was bringing it to safety.

After a few struggles, the man managed to successfully brought it to the road shoulder and heaved a sigh of relief.

Wild boar was injured

The wild boar after getting to safety also tried walking, but its’ hind legs gave way and it fell, seemingly showing that the animal was injured.


As it tried to get into the forested area again, its’ hind legs gave way again.

Man received praises from netizens in the comments section

In the comments section, there were overpouring of praises by netizens for the man who selflessly saved the wild boar.

Here are some of the comments:

  • Thank you for your kind heart. I do hope the relevant authority was informed n help rendered.
  • Oh no.. looks like the boar is mortally hurt but good job to the samaritan. Brave young chap
  • Wow thanks. Though it’s injured but at least it’s life is saved. The motorist also help ease traffics as the wild boar could be dangerous for road users as it’s not moving
  • Respect la brother. Not all will risk their life to save an animal especially on the expressway. The good will come back to you 👍🏻🙏🏻.
  • Good job to the person who help! I feel bad for the poor thing🥲 thanks for being a human ☺️

Comments by ‘experts’

There were also some comments by a few netizens who did not give any compliments to the man for his actions but tried to comment on what else could be done more on the man’s part.

One even shared his own experiences with wildlife on the roads.

Here are the comments:

  • The rear legs already fractured, couldn’t stand or use it. Should have called Acres to bring it back.
  • Did someone get acres to treat the injury?
  • Looks like it was hit and injured already… called ACRES I hope
  • Hope he also called acres or NParks to help the poor fella
  • I saw iguna, car, dog and wild boar kanna run over by car before. I myself driving straight also kanna bird come hit my car. I heard loud thug and saw yellow substance oozing out and i saw my side mirror. The bird rolling on the road

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Image and video source: SG Road Vigilante/Youtube

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