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ONE: You can walk everywhere if you have enough time.

I’ve already planned this out. When I live without money on a long-term basis, I will walk from town to town. It takes maybe 30 to 60 minutes to walk from one town to the next. That’s how small and densely populated Singapore is.

TWO: We waste a lot of food.

Singapore is known for delicious food. But we are also very wasteful. Visit any food court or public eatery and just observe how much uneaten food is thrown away.


Nothing wrong with the food. Trust me, I ate it for 4 days. We’re just wasteful.

THREE: You can drink water from any tap.

More than 99% of the taps in Singapore have potable water. You don’t need to buy bottled water from anywhere. Just carry a reusable bottle with you and fill up at any tap. That’s what I did while on holiday.

FOUR: It is not illegal to sleep outdoors.

I always thought it was, until I tried sleeping outdoors during my holiday. Sure, the police will come and wake you, ask you questions, and ask for your identity documents.


But it’s not illegal to sleep outdoors. I’ve asked them, and confirmed it by reading the relevant part of the law (Destitute Persons Act).

FIVE: We throw away 80% of the clothing we buy each year.

A recent news article reported that, on average, Singaporeans bought 34 pieces of clothing a year and discarded 27

To put it in another context, you can find so much discarded clothing that if you were to wear one a day and throw it away, you would not have to wash clothes for the rest of your life.

SIX: The weather is predictable.

It’s either going to be hot or wet. Sometimes both in the span of 30 minutes.

We have lots of air-conditioned places, including shopping malls, public trains and buses, libraries, etc. which we use to seek shelter from the heat.

Temperatures will always hover between 28 to 34 degrees Celsius. Thunderstorms may come and go very quickly. On the rare occasion, light rain will fall all day.

But you’re never going to have to worry that the weather will turn super hot or super cold.

SEVEN: You can live without air-con.


Many modern households today install air-conditioning in their homes. Many Singaporeans say they can’t live without their air-con.

I can. My home has no air-conditioning. We use fans.

But y’know, we Singaporeans are so pampered. I remember a time when our public buses didn’t have air-conditioning.

EIGHT: You can see a church next to a mosque next to a temple.

Religious and racial harmony is a big thing here. Woe betide you if you play the religious or racial card.

We are proud to belong to a society that respects other religions and races, because we are Singapore!

NINE: We live in a hole in the wall.

We (are told that we) have very limited land space. Majority of us live in public housing, which are basically holes in the wall just large enough for us to have sex[2].

And we slog for 20 years to pay for the hole in the wall that doesn’t really belong to us and whose value falls to zero when the lease expires after 99 years[3].

You asked for interesting things, right?


TEN: You can get free wifi and internet almost anywhere.

There’s [email protected] which you can get from many public places. And if you’re at one of the public libraries scattered across the island, you can use the multimedia stations to access the internet. ($0.45 for 30 minutes usage).

So technically you could live without wifi at home and everyone will talk more to each other instead of looking at their mobile devices all the time

Source:Quora post by Daniel Tay

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