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iPhone 7: Apples Removes Headphone Jack From Iphone 7


The new icase-large_trans++mxDqfayHg59vvBlQNkhPwPr4td6OX2H7KjhBfqxJdSw[1]phone 7 case has been leaked online. The casing does not seem to have an 3.5mm jack opening for the iphone7.

The leaked images from  (REDIT: ONLEAKS/@ONLEAKS) shows a iphone 7 cover designed without the headphone jack

The design is similar to the iphone 6.

Many users are worried as they own and have expensive headset devices to enjoy superb music quality.

Ken: “My headphones are  a customise 700 dollar headphone. Looks like I’m not going for the Iphone 7”

What could be the reasoning behind this design?

Well apple might introduced new wireless headsets and prevent many headset manufactures from be a competitor in terms of iphone accessories.

It could also reduce the weight of the iphone by a few grams granting it a even slimmer and compact design.

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