A while ago, there was a mad leader all of a sudden said publicly that “People now say they are not afraid of leaving home without cash in their pockets, but are only worried that the batteries on their mobile phones might run out.” Try to copy cat and following behind the backside of a country in the implementation of cashless QR code payment.

Yesterday, I read from the mainstream media reported that a bootlicker food court (you know ya!) had installed eight different cashless payment devices and only a small number of the customers used these cashless payment facilities. The hawkers complained that they have to pay for the equipment rental fees and pay double their efforts.

But why now the crazy fool suddenly dumb about the QR payment?

QR code payment is a quick payment feature by Alipay which also include many other useful payment features. Alipay is basically designed to serve the mainlanders. To use the Alipay QR code payment function, the account must pass an identify authentication. The current verification method is to submit mainland bank card number. Unless the user has an account from a China Bank and also holding a bank card from the China bank, the quick payment feature can never be activated. This is not I say one, it was an Alipay’s customer service staff told me when I phoned them about identify authentication.

Amazing isn’t it, when the mad fool suddenly announced to the whole world about using QR payment but without knowing exactly what is all about. Later realized that it will not work for us, as usual, just play dumb and hope that you and me will soon forget all about it!

When we shopp from Taobao Online, payment must be done with Alipay. If we are unable to have our identify authenticated, here are the only two methods to pay :

1. Pay by local credit card, but with an extra 3% surcharge.

2. Go personally to one of the AXS machine, use the function of the Top Up to buy Alipay shopping card with a local ATM card. After the transaction is completed, AXS system will send the Alipay shopping card serial number and PIN by email. Login to Alipay, click on the bottom right corner of the home page “Alipay Shopping Card Management” link, enter the serial number and PIN.

When shopping, select Alipay Shopping Card, enter the card serial number, PIN and then enter the payment password. Doubly safe ??

This method can only be used on the computer, it does not support Alipay App on phone.

I believed this method does not have to pay an extra 3% fee. But I have not used it yet, so not absolutely sure.

That AXS receipt said that MAS did not approve the Alipay Singapore card service. In other words, if you die or are cheated, it’s your own fault and do not go bother MAS.

If there is any inaccuracy in the above post, it is certainly due to honest error, please forgive me! ! Definitely it is not fake news!

Source: FB post by Chengmin Wang